Emerson CQC-7A

Jun 4, 1999
I am thinking of purchasing the CQC-7 A and would like some opinions on this knife. It will be for utility, and defense if it is ever needed for that. What is everyone's opinion of this knife. I like the spear point blade as it looks less "menacing". What are your thoughts on the Black T coating on the blades? Is this a good thing, or more a gimmik, that will wear and end up looking like crap? Thanks in advance Chris in MO
As far as the coating goes you dont have many options.. If there is a bead blast option dont get it. Bead-blasted blades rust too quickly. the coating sould also help the knife work smoother to. Assuming this is the new clip point style blade with the double bevel it should serve quite well for most utility purposes you have in mind.

I was always intrigued by the Benchmade CQC7 but never got one, then when EK came out with the factory model in spear point version I ordered one.
It might be just me, but I thought that the handle to blade ratio was not in proportion. The handle is way bigger than the blade (which wasn't exactly what I would call razor sharp) and it didn't feel balanced to me. I also thought that there was too much side play in the knife.
I returned the knife the next day.
This is my opinion and others may think differently about the knife, so seek out other opinions too.

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chris, if you can make it to the st charles knife show on fathers day weekend, we will have the emerson models you can take a look at. i am sure several other dealers there will have them also. i personally like the clip point blade very much and the emerson knives i have handled were very stout and solid. i prefer the black coated blade..dmc (btw i live just south of you in imperial, mo)