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Emerson CQC7

Mar 27, 2000
I'm thinking about buying this knife and was wondering if anyone on the forum owned one? Could you please give me your impressions on it? Thanks
Hi Seminoles....

I own one,, and it's a very well built knife..
But be warned.. It is chisel ground for a left handed user,, but made to open by a right handed user...

all in all it's a good knife.....

ttyle Eric....

Eric E. Noeldechen
On/Scene Tactical
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Another favorite of mine as well, and many others. I sent one along with a LaGriffe this past week to a Sargeant this week in Kosovo. Good enough for the armed forces, probably will work for us!

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Mike Payne

Great knife. I just posted a like-new one for sale in the private sale area. Why am I selling? I have too many knives, and tend to favor more universal designs, rather than pure fighter/tac models. Very well made.

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