Emerson La Griffe

Apr 24, 1999
I was surfing on Emerson's site and saw that they're making a production version of Perrin's La Griffe. I personally like the curved, more claw-like blade shape as opposed to Perrin's traditional straight edge. Anyone have one of these? More importantly, if anyone has one and one of Perrin's, how do they compare? Also, I was wondering if any of you dealers (cheap dealers, thank you!) who have a secure online credit card ordering server are carrying these or if they are exclusively through the Emerson site. Problem w/ Emerson is that you have to fax or mail their printable form. I don't have a fax machine and Kinko's charges too much to fax, and mail...well, I don't want my credit card number and my signature to get lost in the mail. Thanks to thos of you help.

Looks like a nice knife, but I still can't figure out why these little things cost so darn much...
Thanks, Titan. The Emerson version looks nice. I wonder if they'll make a sheath that'll be equipped for small of the back carry...That'll be even better for me, personally. By the way, any of you guys out there own a Black Cloud Knives' Philippine Box Cutter? Thinking about getting that one, too.
Thrawn -- no, thank you for the TK and CK mags!