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Emerson Le Griffe

Jan 14, 1999
Stumbled across a sale on this blade. Is there anyone with experience with it? What are the good/bad/indifferent points of it.

thanks in advance.

I haven't handled the Emerson La Griffe. I have had a few of Fred Perrins and like them a lot. The La Griffe is a great knife in my opinion. It easily fits the description of a small fixed blade utility knife. It is very safe to use, because of the finger hole. It is small enough to be easilt concealed or worn openly in some areas. It also ifts perfectly as a defensive knife, for the same reasons as above. Using it as a defensive blade does have a draw back. You need to remember it is a small knife. You are getting a stain resistant metal with Emerson's but it doesn'y have the individual characteristics of Perrin's hand forged.

The Griffe (claw) is a design from noted French Knifemaker Fredric Perrin. We are proud to introduce Mr. Perrin, who is a highly qualified combat instructor and knifemaker for many of the worlds' elite military groups. The claw knife from Mr. Perrin, with the addition of a gentle curve on the blade from Emerson, provides a tool that is considered "The Ultimate Backup" by many Law Enforcement officers.

Another unique feature of the La Griffe is especially attractive to rope climbers. Each La Griffe come with a Kydex neck sheath. This allows you to retrieve your knife while only using one hand. The unique design of the knife allows you to continue climbing while the knife remains in your hand. Others will note that this knife, although tactical in nature, lends itself to many applications in everyday situations like box cutting and other general purpose uses.

The above is from my new Emerson web site. I talked to Fred at the BF Dinner and he showed me his La Griffe. It is really a good copy and at the price a hard item to beat. The Sheath needs to be a little looser but other than that it works great. www.emerson-knives.com
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Mike Turber
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[This message has been edited by Mike Turber (edited 23 June 1999).]
It'll never replace a handmade Perrin Griffe, (which are not all that expensive to begin with), but then I'm somewhat biased as a friend of Fred's and the owner of several of his blades.

The main drawback imho and from talking with Fred about it is that the "copy" does not mimic the best of his griffe designs.

In any case, it's nice to see Fred getting the exposure and credit I feel he has coming.

If it's the only griffe you can get or can afford, I'd say definitely go for it. On the other hand, if you can afford to purchase the "original", I'd urge you to do so.


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