Emerson Poll

What is your favorite Emerson?

  • CQC6

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  • Commander

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  • CQC7 (Custom or Production)

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  • CQC8

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  • Other

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Usual Suspect
Apr 28, 2000
Fellow Emerson Fans and Usual Suspects,

The time has come to vote. Using the new facility provided by Spark (thanks), we can have a poll on what is your favorite Emerson.

I look forward to the results.


This poll thingy is kinda cool :)

As i've never held a '6, my fav is the commander, socfk is a close second, but the '7 (production) isn't bad either, neither is the p-sark... i love'em all!

For the looks i feel that nothing can beat the '6 however, it was the knife that first turned me to Emerson knives, i've been a loyal fan ever since ;)
I may have voted Commander, but if I had a choice with being given a new Commander or an original CQC-6 Custom, hmmmmmmmmmmmm?
After careful thought, I voted for my beloved Commander :D That's not to say I don't love my other EKI blades any less ;) But, if I had a custom 8 or a 6 all dressed up....

I tried this once with my kids...I laid out a pile of candy for them as a treat and told them to pick- their favorite. In reply,"But they're all our favorite :eek: !
My favorite is the 98 Commander. I got one from JohnH that was customized by Bandit Knives. I carry it as often as circumstances allow. It feels great in the hand with the thicker grips.

The CQC6 is my next favorite but I don't carry it very often.

I think the Viper1 would be perfect for those formal occasions.

Just playing with posting pictures
I'm reasonably sure that anyone that has heard me ramble on during the chats will have no trouble guessing which was my vote. :D
CQC-8 is my favorite. One of these days, I am going to convince Joel to sell mine back to me.
The favorite custom I have would be my ES1-M.

The custom I want would be a waved Eight.

Favorite production . . . . Do you have to ask?! :D


Wolf, E-mail me. I have something for you
Hey, The poll list doesn't include the Raven...

So here's my one vote for the Raven. Once again , lumped into the "other" catagory. :)

I voted for the waved CQC7. It fits my hand good, and it is comfortable for pocket carry. The mini Commander might change my mind though if I can ever get my hands on one.
Big D1
My true favorite folder is without a doubt the CQC-8. I keep my fingers crossed and say my prayers daily that I will some day get my waved one that is one of two knives that I have left on order before Ernies retirement. I love all my Emersons, but the 8 is the one I would never get rid of.