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Emerson Production CQC-7

Jul 14, 1999
I have been thinking about getting one of the new CQC7's w/clip point blade, but I have heard that Emerson has been having some quality control problems w/their new line of production knives. Any comments? My second runner up is the new Spyderco/Terzoula Starmate. Any info would be appreciated.
I've got one, very good quality, smooth. I have the Benchmade version as well and IMO the Emerson is better. Rounding out the handle makes it have a nice feeling on the hand. Plus slotted screws make it easy to adjust. The only draw back is the size (a little to big of handle for the blade size). I have not had any problems with mine. Hope this helps.
Same here. The Emersons have had consistently high quality. I wish I could get a REKAT Carnivour with an evenly ground blade. I get my share of rejects from Benchmade. Not a single problem or return with an Emerson product that I can remember off hand. Take care.

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I had the new CQC7 spear point and sent it back for the exact reason that Clocker mentioned. I just didn't feel that the handle was the right size for the blade. The quality was pretty decent though.

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I held a BM CQC7 and an Emerson right after the other, and I was more impressed by the Benchmade quality, the Emerson one came 90% unlocked(pretty darn close to losing fingers) in a moderately tight grip, without even trying to depress the liner
I held an Emerson SpecWar the other day, too, and in a white knuckle grip, the blade came completely unlocked and fell down on my fingers, no it did not cut me, as i resisted the urge to slide my hand out of there in panick.
BTW: Don't listen to me! I haven't cut with one, but hte grip test disgruntled me.

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I've played with (and disassembled) dozens of Benchmade CQC-7s but only examined the Emersons for 15 minutes or so. Even in that time it was apparent that they were much higher quality, IMO. Scale fit was great, radiusing was darn near perfect and nicer than Benchmade's chamfer. The screws were all types you could disassemble with a Leatherman, a big plus in my book. Locks were very low on the tang, but consistent and solid, unlike Benchmade's wide range. A couple of years ago I spent some afternoons helping knife store fellows disassemble CQC-7s and bend and file the locks in various ways just to make them functioning and sellable. It made a deep impression on me. Benchmades are fine knives when they're right, but they too often aren't, and this was most problematic with the CQ's. I still don't like the design (though the double-ground spearpoint helps a lot) but I'm glad to see Emerson's got them under his own manufacture and is doing it right.

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I had a Benchmade CQC-7, the blade chipped alot an I was told by quality control that their is a inherent problem with chisel grinds chipping. Their are many companies with chisel grinds on their knives, I don't think that companies would make these styles if their knives were constantly chipping. However I needed to get a new knife to replace the chipped one and Benchmade made good on their product by replacing it with a Stryker since the CQC-7 isn't made by them anymore. I know that Emerson makes one but they won't replace a Benchmade model.
The Emerson's i have experienced are OK. I have had several and the quality was hit or miss. You would be much better suited by a Starmate.


I have had both and IMO there was no comparison, the Emerson was much better quality and the blade lockup was as good as a liner lock can be.