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Emerson Specwar G7 Signature Series 2015

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Dec 29, 2015
For sale is this lightly used and carried Emerson G7 Specwar signed by Ernie himself. It is in great shape and went in for a tuneup and a factory sharp edge. There is no lock stick, great early lockup, smooth as butter to open and close. The knife is centered perfectly. See pictures for details. 7E6C0124-22A1-4C85-9A4E-ACEF94C1674F.jpeg E342F4C2-F990-4D6E-9FCE-304803B0CA8F.jpeg C6857BE7-FCD5-4F4F-BC81-74C181679B13.jpeg CB149700-82C7-4A7F-8B89-6763C10800F2.jpeg 92DBDB10-A7A7-41D1-BA8C-EFC6831E32DC.jpeg 0865D8B6-4888-4D59-A91C-C7A20DA83A1A.jpeg 9236272C-97B0-4C55-AD44-B10C9824AC81.jpeg 7E6C0124-22A1-4C85-9A4E-ACEF94C1674F.jpeg 263E935B-0CD6-4419-9851-C63D8850C880.jpeg $325 shipped and insured to your door CONUS. DM me with interest or questions.


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Still available original buyer backed out.
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