Emmerson plastic knife??

Jan 31, 1999
Anyone familiar with a G-10 knife made by Emmerson? Bought one a couple years ago, still have it, just wandering if it's collectable or not.
I have no opinion on its value or investment potential, but I certainly consider it collectable. It's a rare knife of a rare type, of interest to collectors of edged weapons or unusual weapons or unusual knives -- you could even build an interesting collection of nothing but nonmetallic knives.

Using it for a letter-opener or similar mundane uses would dull it quickly, and sharpening it every time it gets dull would wear it down to a sliver ... of course it would still serve as a letter-opener even if dull, but if you'd rather keep it in original condition as a collector's item no one is going to laugh at you -- I certainly wouldn't use it to open letters. If you want to use a nonmetallic knife to open letters a $5 zytel knife will do fine -- the Emerson deserves to be preserved.

-Cougar Allen :{)
There has been a G10 knife marketed as "made
by Emerson" marketed to police departments for years. Looks like his lines/design.
Don't know if it is genuine or not. Or if the
price is so good ($50.00) because of a "law
enforcement discount". If you are interested
you might try some of the law enforcement
oriented catalogs (Shomertec, etc.).
If it is real, it's a steal.