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Enough with the special editions already!!

Nov 4, 1998
Alright folks, I hate to say this, but this special edition craze has to stop...or at least slow down a little....Not everyone here is rich enough to buy all of the knives offered, and because the market for special edition knives is getting flooded, not all of the knives that are being made are going to sell.

I wanted a Native, but the Sifu Came out...and with the two of them coming out, the Special Carnivor went the way of the Dodo....I had to make a decision of which one I could afford...I wasn't on the Native Bandwagon, but i am on the Megafolder bandwagon...I will try and get a Sifu, but I am pretty strapped as it is....lord knows what will happen when the BFF1 comes out...

Spyderco went waaaaaaaay out of their way to make the Native for us...and REKAT took suggestions from us to make the Sifu...but are we steering these companies in the right direction? We are not the main market for these companies. We are not the the type of people that compromise the bulk of the knife buying community. We are generally enthusiasts, and enthusiasts tend to be highly motivated and opinionated, but the rest of the world ain't....

Right now there are forumites begging for more special edition Spydies....I can only imagine how frazzled Sal is getting. There is alot of work involved in making new special edition knives, tooling set ups and all that stuff.

There are only about 2000 members here, and not everyone is going to buy a knife everytime one comes out. I would be willing to bet that the Native won't sell out for a month or two, or more...the cash layout made by Mike must be huge...and it would be pretty lame if the Native venture would just break even and not profit bladeforums....

All of these special edition knives are neat, BUT in too much of an abundance they can be detrimental to the health of Bladeforums, the Knife Companies, and to (last but not least) my wallet...

Yea, I admit I was pushing for the Megafolders...but I think I am going to stop now...I have come to the realization that there is alot of effort put into the designing and manufacturing of these knives, and that is alot of effort to go through for me to have another drawer weight...

Have to say I agree. Let's see how the two goes before more. Clearly lots work put out by both companies. They should be applauded. No more til we see what happens with these two.

I'm buying the mega folder to support the effort. But, probably can't do too much of that in a year.

Sal and I are knife junkies, Sal more than me.And yes the Sifu was created to satisify the forum demand for the Mega Folder but it will sell on the open market, no doubt in my military and we are very cautious on overmaking knives. That big of a knife is limited. Pat Crawford and I were talking today about a baby carnivor maybe we will call it the suckling carnivor.
The Pocket Hobbit amazed us with its staying power and its still in demand, it's one of the most specilaized knives out there.
Sal and I both want to see the forums make it. This is the best knife related forum on the web. So part of both REKAT and Spydercos efforts are to help support the forum. We are getting a BladeForums.Com stencle made and there are good for thousands of knives.
Here is a challange to the artistic forumites. Come up with a knock out hot damn logo. Sparks efforts dont blow my dress up(sorry Spark)The winner gets, well somthing cool worth $200.00 from my personal collection (I have some wierd knives)or from REKAT email it in Tif, or PSD under a meg please to roundeye@nidlink.com Spark, Mike and I will be the Judges, but make it quick.

Bob Taylor

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Having already ordered the BF Native and Sifu I must pause and join the call for a slowdown on special editions.

I really hope sales helps this forum, that's part of the reason why I ordered. But lets face it, a special edition should continue to be Special!

What we now have fits the bill. Let think about a Special Edition of the Year (none of that Special Edition of the Millennium crap please).

Now, of course once you start talking fixed blades -- then forget everything I just said.

Life is a journey, not a guided tour -- GO ARMED!

Yek - Thanx for the awareness and maturity. In reality, we are not planning to make each knife requested. As you mentioned, there is considerable expense just getting to the first piece.

We feel we owe Mike and Spark simply because they are hosting our forum. Making a specical edition permits the forumites to also assist while getting a collector piece as well.

It is also a test for all of us. What do the forumites really want? If price is a major issue, then this must be taken into future consideration. This analysis will take some time.

We are only going to make a quantity of BF Natives to meet the orders (and our collectors). Spyderco isn't going to get rich on the BF piece and mike and Spark are just trying to help defray costs. This way, there won't be any sitting on a shelf tying up someone's money. But the test will teach us all. And some get a really neat knife. We bring a compass, a canteen and a sharp knife and see what the trail blazed offers.
Have to admit, there is alot of merit to slowing down on these specials, I'm going to have to do some "slight of budget" to afford the Sifu. I do like the idea for a "year" knife, whether y2k or whatever.

Let me offer my two cents as well. I think the issue really is the feeding frenzy of ideas that occurred when the notion of Forumite Edition knives came up. We didn't have structured rules of engagement so all sorts of threads, surveys, polls, propositions, etc. entered our collective consciousness. Many extrapolated acquisition game plans based upon what they though was going to occur. Me included.

Now that the if BFC edition items will be offered has been undeniably answered, and some of the associated novelty is wearing off, I think you'll see everyone regroup and come up with a good game plan. Such a plan ought to embrace frequency of offers. I personally prefer a quarterly offering with one being the "big" annual. These are not to be confused with closeout deals OEMs offer through the BFC store. Elsewhere the issue of minimum quantity and pricing structure has been addressed. Those rules of engagement work for me, although I'm certainly not adverse to the formation of a BFC collectors club where the modest membership fee would help fund minimum order quantities without the need for forumite surveys each time. This fee is separate from any BFC member use fee that has beenb discussed elsewhere to support operating costs, server, etc. directly.

Now if you figure the lead time to firm up a special BFC item, including concept, production, etc., there ought to be sufficient advance notice to all to cover intelligent pass or buy decisions. We also wouldn't be faced with multiples to choose from simultaneously. With that in mind I hope Bob would consider the Carnivore again next quarter after which Sal could offer either the gray Matriarch or <please> the [please, please] abalone Tie Clipits the following quarter and so on.

Admittedly I offer this extemporaneously and may have both missed something or butchered my explanation. But I would like to hear if others think I may be on the right track here.

In any event I'm anxious to receive the beautiful blue CPM440V Native and am sorry that the Carnivore didn't make the minimum order threshold. [Sorry Bob, the Situ is just too big for me....Yup, I'm not one of the megafolder gang


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I heartily concur in charting a well-thought-out release of knives rather than an avalanche of wonderfull sharp things which will overload this knife nut's budget.
Before you guys freak out on the non existent knives let me tell you what we are actually doing and what was discussed today.

I talked to Jeff Hubbard about the very subject and told him we must space out these knives we offer here. Also I don't wasn't to become a clearing house for knives but if we can offer special deals to our members we will. What we do not want to do is flood you with special BF exclusives with our logo on them. The BF Spyderco Native is the only official knife right now available. The REKAT Sifu and possible Carnivour will be a special run. The Buck is a possibility as are the special Busse knife. These are offered to us and we then offer them to our members

We have not contacted one manufacturer about knives. They have all contacted us and we in turn tell you about them to see what you guys want.

Do you want me to not offer them? You don't have to buy them. We are just passing on the info from the manufacturers. Also we will only offer you special editions and not normal run merchandise. We will also offer close outs like the Kershaws from time to time. What we will not do is offer current merchandise or compete with dealers.

This site costs a lot of money to run as you all know. We are just looking for ways to pay for it and keep you all happy as well. We will soon be offering web hosting which should darn near pay for the whole thing but until then we can only work through products like those we have offered.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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How about a forum dedicated to the discussion of Bladeforums special editions?
Would give some structure to the whole process...seems special edition ideas grew like mushrooms in all the different forums.
It looks like Mike posted as I was typing this.... Talk about timing!

First off, let me thank Bob and Sal for being so willing to work with us to fuel everyone's cravings for knives, and more importantly, keep this site open for everyone. BTW, Bob, no offense taken, that design is not the best in my book either.

Secondly, Mike and I both realize that there have been a lot of special edition knives lately, and more than anyone, we realize that everyone's desire for more shiny sharp things is tempered by our wallet's ability to get them.

A lot of good points have been brought up. I especially like the 1 new knife every quarter idea. Here's our problem though.

Besides Spyderco and REKAT, we've been approached by no less than 4 other knife companies who have offered special edition knives for the forums. Between all the companies, that's a total of 8 different models. All of the are going to be limited edition products.

You see the quandry we're in. We want to get these knives out to you, but we also don't want to drain your pocket books. At the same time, we need to keep this site open, and have it pay for itself.

Mike and I both agree that we need to scale back on the special edition knives, and we appreciate that we hit with so many, so fast. One of the side effects of having a good idea, I guess; everyone wants to be a part of it!

When we first had the idea for the Blue Native, we never thought that there would be a Carnivour, Sifu and Matriarch coming in right behind it. When the opportunity arised, we didn't want to let it past. In the future, our plans are going to follow three ranges of special edition knives:<ol>[*]Low cost, high volume knives- Example: Upcoming BladeForums.com Matriarch. The projected price on this is $50, low enough to keep it in the range of most forum members, and enough people should be interested in this piece so that a good number get distributed to you guys.
[*]Mid cost, mid volume knives- Example: The 1999 BladeForums.com <a href="http://www.bladeforums.com/store/knives/bf-native.html">Blue Native</a>. Price on this is $99.95, and is unique enough so that it justifies the additional expense. In the future, there will be less of these knives made, topping out in the 250 range.
[*]Higher cost, low production knives- Example: REKAT Sifu and Carnivour. Cost on these knives is $179.95 and $169.95 respectively, and there will only be 50 (or more, depending on how many more orders come in) <a href="mailto:sifu@bladeforums.com>Sifu's</a>, and 25 or so carnivour@bladeforums.com .

We realize that the more expensive a knife is, the less number of members will be able to buy it. That's why we'll try to make them all special and different from standard production pieces.

We may also start a "Collector's Club" ala Spyderco where you can get your particular serial number each and every time. We'd have to see how that flies first, so we can't make commitments there.

Make no mistake though, our primary concern is for you, the members. As such, we don't want to flood you guys with knives, or not offer anything and wind up shutting down.

Please feel free to give us your feedback, and we'll do everything we can to make everyone satisfied.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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Spark -- the idea of classifying BF Knives into three ranges is brilliant. Count me among those potential "low-cost, high-volume knife" buyer.

No more "me, too" posts from me on a potential BF knife unless my pocket agrees.
I do like the idea of special edition knives. I guess I am feeling a little upset because I had to drop my plans for a Native because the Sifu came along.....I guess I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the new toys coming out. I want to support th forums...being here has given me many years worth of accumulated knowledge in a few short months...I wish I could buy every knife....I don't know how the process goes as far as picking knives to sell to the members...If I were doing things, I guess this is how it would go....feel free to pick my ideas apart and glue them to your ideas...that is the best way to accomplish things...

1) Have one "official" yearly knife...have each manufacturer submit a design or variant (preferably a prototype as well), and a list of features that will make the knife different from normal production runs and an estimated retail price, or set a limit. A voting spree will then follow and the winning knife will be the year's official knife. A collectors group has first whack at this knife, and loses their place in line if they do not get it....rest sold to members..you would have to be a posting member to get this knife.

2) Sell "booster" knives from manufacturers with the BF logo on them....Knives would be normal production run knives....Manufacturers could sell logoed knives throughthe BF store, and a percentage would goto BF.....Knives would be priced at normal market prices.....limited to 50 or less pieces, mostly so there isn't too much business taken from normal dealers....The only difference between these and normal production knives is the BF logo and the warm fuzzy feeling we will get for supporting our favorite site..I don't think the knives should be donated to BF, but possibly given to BF on a payment deffered basis....(which would also help keep the number of BF edition knives down, I don't think any company would let a 1000 knives go out without seeing any money for them)....Knives would be paid for when they all sold....Manufacturers could use this as a test market for new designs....These knives would not be limited to just members. Also there could be batches of inexpensive knives sold in this manner...there has to be a few knives out there that are in the 20 dollar range that are good users...Buzz 'em and sell 'em...possibly buzz the discontinued knives sold at the store as well....("Wow, where did you get that knife....Oh I see...www.Bladeforums.com...cool!")

3) Auction off custom knives...custom makers would split whatever the winning bid was with BF...Preferably completely unique knives...bids could be placed either in a thread or by e-mail.....One of a kind and prototype knives from manufacturers could be sold in this manner...

Just a few ideas. I am no expert on doing these sorts of things, and it is hard to come up with ideas do not step on the toes of other dealers. Perhaps the booster knives could be limited to only first production runs and discontinued items if the dealers get offended by sales of regular production knives. If we put our minds to it I am sure that we can come up with a plan that will benefit all of us, and especially the forum....

I must admit I jumped on the BF Native bandwagon and then jumped off when the Sifu became available. I can't afford both. I've been one of the people calling for a megafolder so my limited $$$ are going to the Sifu. I feel bad about reneging on the Native but that Sifu is really more what I'm looking for at the present time. Even though I'm buying a REKAT now (my first) I've bought Spydercos in the past and will again in the future.

That being said, I want to thank Sal and Bob and the others who have so whole heartedly given their support to Bladeforums. Due to their unselfishness I look to these companies as my first choice when it comes to purchasing new cutlery.


Mike Melone
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Yekim brings up a good point about marked versions of current knives as "booster" knives for Bladeforums. This might be a more affordable way for many of us to support this forum. Of the special editions already discussed, I've also noticed a tendency towards folders over fixed blades. Is there a specific reason for that, or is that simply what most people want? This is not a criticism in any way, simply a question.

As for Mike, you had to go and mention a Busse, didn't you? Just HAD to?! I just bought an INFI Steel Heart and hbpw wtiubq3v 9p8h Hard tu tyep wiith nervuss tickk. muist tak my medds.

Don LeHue

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hehe... The Busse will be a size near that of the Mean Street. It will be made of thicker stock and will have a different handle material.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Well I had no idea that there were so many special editions offered by companies to us. Maybe we could get a complete list, vote with deposits on which ones we really want and then sit back and wait for timed releases of each product. I would like a chance at a Busse & Buck special edition and would put other plans on hold for them. If these projects can be spaced out evenly, we can probably all afford the ones we are attracted to, without offering up our first born child (mine are too big and would probably fight back!).
I was born in a confused state and as I get older I get even more confused. Might I suggest a special site on the forum just for the special knife offerings? The knife a quarter timing with one yearly special is an excellent idea. Also I might add that there be an advance notice of each knife, say six months, for those that need to "save pennies". I would not be adverse to also with enough notice to a pre-payment plan since this is to subsidize the forum. Also I too prefer straight knives. I go into the woods enough to justify this "need". With 2000 members that like knives there should be enough to assure the success of limited run specials. One just has to be serious about his hobby and realistic about the pocket book.

As to the knife companies offering specials to the forum. That is a courtesy and recognition of the quality of the forum and the furmites( This word bring to mind the charactors in HellRaiser for some reason).We should be thankful and humble for this reason.

"The only thing sharper than a good knife is the wit who wields sp? it".

"The only difference between men and boys is the price of thier toys."

My apology to the women, no slure intended.

Blue Skies,

I like the idea of a limited busse mean street.

The stock is currently .25" so what do you mean by thicker stock and what would the handle material be if not canvas micarta?

Ron Knight

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