European knife shows

Oct 17, 1998
Can anybody please tell my where I can find info. on where and when they are. I apriciate all the help you can give.

Jan Dirk

One of the biggest knife show in Europe is the IWA International Weapon Ausstellung (Show) in Nürnberg Germany the knife show is every year in the middle of March

I think it should be possible that you find more information at this address:

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The IWA at Nuremberg is mostly guns (but knives too). And this show is only for gunsmiths, dealers etc. (but there are ways to get a ticket
Every year in september/october is a rather big knife show in Paris with uS knife makers too (this year for example Allen Elishewitz and Chris Reeve among others.
There are also knife shows in Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna, Lugano,...
Check the gun magazines for time & location.
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Franky is correct the knife & weappon show in Nuerenberg is only for dealers. This show is also one of the biggest knife shows in Europe. (Not only weapons)

The show in Vienna is all 2 years. The next is in Januar 2000 you can find more information on this address:

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The next knife Show in Austria is in a few days.

Internationale Messerausstellung Wien

(international knife show vienna)

5. December 98
6. December 98

knifemaker from Austria Europe and from the USA present his art and his wonderful knives for sale.

handmade knives, collector knives, pocket knives, swords and manufacturing goods.

admission ATS 100.--