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Exactly what new knives did BENCHMADE debut at Shot Show!

Oct 3, 1998
I can't seem to find a summary regarding new BENCHMADE knives shown at the show. Can someone please inform us of the details. Thanks, JEFFREY
As you guys know, Knives are not my first passion.. but I do have a soft spot for benchmade and I usually try to buy at least one under-the-counter knife at each SHOT. I stopped by today and saw a whole slew of knives marked "Prototype" and "1999 SHOT Show" but they wouldn't sell me any, nomatter how much $$ I offered. They had a very nive 2.9X" ixed blade offering and a couple of new tanto folder designs. The reason they are not selling the prototypes is because they are marked M2 but actaully made from ATS-34 (whatever the hell that means
). They say that they don't want the knives to filter into the secondary market and be mis-represented.

In the end, after showing LE creds, I ended up buying an under-the-counter (actually, the auto's were being displyed in a meeting room attched to the booth, no autos allowed at SHOT, wink, wink....) (model 9100 I think..) for under $130.. Can't beat that.

I was willing to break my Benchmade traditiona and buy an Auto Vektor from Microtech, but they had already sold the only one they had with them (for a bit more than $120 too!) oh well.

That is probably not what you were looking for, but.. it is kinda like a report fromthe benchmade booth.

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Expect the popular knives to be available in M2 steel during the summer months (June/July). Axis lock might migrate (surprise, surprise :) to other models (Stryker if I remember) but, nothing firm. Their catalogs listed the M2 steel versions so, I think we can take that one to the bank at some point. Their fixed blade was shown in a new smaller version (~1 inch less blade edge).

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p.s. still recovering from the show so, please pardon the grammer and abbreviated nature of the post.
Benchmade just announced that they will be making the Stryker, the AFCK, and the Nimvarus in M-2 steel as standard production this year.

Alas, no news of the Axis.
Check out The Knife Center's news page there is info on 3 new knives from Bm.
Any word about an Axis in M2? Or even better, an M2 AFCk with an Axis lock?!

The key ingredients are: M2 blade and an Axis lock!

Also, the Sentinel is going to be replaced by the Dark Star. Same knife, different sculpt on the G10, and the titanium liners will be anodized gold. I personally like the blue better, but it wasn't my decision now was it?

The Nimravus Cub will be out soon, it's a pretty good small utility blade, and feels very nice in the hand.


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Here is what is new from Benchamde:

Axis lock:
Mchenry and Williams in a smaller version.
Model numbers are 705
Overall Length 6.75"
Blade Length 2.95"
G-10 scales and double 410 stainless liners.
Retail $135 and $10 for black

Nimravus Cub:
Allen Elishewitz design in a smaller version.
Note: Named by our moderator James K. Mattis
Same design as the larger version with a 3.65" cutting edge.
There will be M2 versions of both the Niravus models as well as the standard ATS-34 versions.

Dark Star
This will replace the Sentinel. Not sure why because I think most like the Sentinel better but anyhow there will be four versions all with the same blade shape as the sentinel.
Model 880
Overall Length 8.6"
Blade length 3.75"

Model 885
Overall Length 7.6"
Blade length 3.25"

Each features ATS-34 blades with gold anodized Titanium liners. Black g-10 scales with sculpting and a start pattern at the rear allowing the gold Titanium to show through. Cool but the gold has got to go. The blue would have been cool and not recieved a bad impression but oh well who am I.

Mels new model 720 knife will feature the Axis lock. The knife features aluminum black anodized handels with the Benchmade Logo CNC'd into them. Thumb studs open the knife to revel a clip point blade with a notched thumb ramp.

Also debuting are 3 new ascent models with thumb studs rather than holes.

No new autos where shown at the show.

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does anyone know what kind of sheath the nimravus cub will come with? will it be a multicarry sheath by any chance? neck carry sounds good....


Unfortunatley it will come with a cordura sheath with elastic sucure strap. To bad it did not get a scaled down version of the biggers knife's Kydex rig. Oh well maybe you can suggest it on the BM forum.

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Specific question.

AFCK, will it come in Axis and what about M2?

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper.

Marion David Poff fka Eye, one can msg me at mdpoff@hotmail.com

Patiently waiting for the Spyderco SpydeRench, Lum Chinese Chopper Folder, Rolling Lock Martial Folder, Shabaria and JD Smith, heck if it si from Spyderco I'm anxious; REKAT Escalator and Pat Crawford design.

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No AFCK Axis anytime soon or on the drawing board for now. There was talk of doing one but the sales of the current design are so you they may not want to do it. The old if it aint broke don't fix it scenerio. Look for more in M2 though and soon!

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It looks like the new Pardue 720 will have about a 3.5 inch blade from the picture.

Am I correct? Just guessing.

Alas, they were not (or WERE) smart enough not to make a knife with BOTH the Axis lock AND an M2 blade. Damn!
I have a feeling that they did that so that we had to buy them all. If they had a perfect knife, we would only buy that one.