Experience with CRKT Carbon Fiber M-16???

Sergiusz Mitin did a pretty thorough review: http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/001886.html
I won one from Cumberland Knives in one of John's "guess the knife and win it" contests. I find that I like the knife (and carry it) more than I expected to. One reservation I have about the CF M16, which others may not share, is that I find it too easy to open with a wrist flick; I prefer a stronger detente, like my Spyderco liner locks have.


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Just so happens to be the knife I am carrying now. Be sure to read the review posted above. If you haven't already noticed, the carbon fibre version is smaller than the zytel and aluminum versions of the M-16 family. I'm not sure what your expectations of it or any knife are, but it seems many people expect knives to be "combat ready" and be able to take tons of abuse. This knife is small, very well-made and I put it into more of the gentleman's knife category. I know I'm going to start babbling here, but it is just a really cool knife for the money. It is cool looking, gotta love the carbon fibre scales, and it measures high on the value/quality scale.

Bottom line is that I am extremely happy with it and for what I paid (+/-$65.00) it is definitely a keeper.
I have the smaller m-16 w/ aluminum scales, I love it. I think I need a CF version, in spearpoint this time!!!
I too, am interested in the M16 carbon fiber models, particularly because of the smaller size. Could anyone provide the overall (open) lengths of both the spearpoint and the tanto bladed models? BTW, great review from Mr. Mitin.

Thanks Mike,

I don't know why I didn't notice the "closed length" specs earlier. Both models of these knives are perfect for my needs, as both are under 7" overall, therefore minimizing any legal complications that could otherwise occur.

Howdy ,I have the knife good as a throwaround knife for the liner lock is paper thin!
Hey Richard......you've had yours for a few days now.
How about some comments from you!

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