Fällkniven H1 - quick look and feel

Mar 25, 1999
I'm not a hunter so I can't judge its usefulness for that, and since it seems to be optimized for that, my budget won't allow me to purchase one to try out and use for other things. Although it is really tempting to do so anyway!

If you just look at the photo of it at <a href="http://www.fallkniven.com/h1.htm">Fällkniven's site</a>, it looks pretty much "like the others", only with a slightly upswept point and no finger guard. (The numbers may say something else, but that's sometimes hard to relate to.)

When you first pick it up, you get a completely different impression: Massive is probably what best describes the feeling you get. It's not light and the blade's pretty thick, although it's broad enough that the angle isn't too large to cut well with.

The handle isn't shaped quite like the F1/S1/A1, but significantly broader and more oval in cross section, tapering towards the rear. So the lack of a guard probably won't bother you if you're used to using knives. (Which is more or less what the ad for it says "For experienced users only" and "for inexperienced users and children we have other models" (approximate translation).) The handle certainly felt both comfortable and secure to me -- and is probably the single factor which might tempt me into getting one.

It's definitely not a variation of most of the modern "hunting knives" out there, but something in a class of itself, while clearly drawing on knife making traditions anyway.

Urban Fredriksson
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"I've always been fascinated by Scandinavian knives [...] they're simple, in an advanced way".
- Bob Loveless
Ok, who was it that was talking about the F1 as the "North American Puukko?" Well, this H1 looks more like the real mccoy.