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Fallkniven now shipping the S1

Oct 3, 1998
More choices. Methinks we're seing more knife companies start to compete in quality fixed blades, the way they've been doing with quality one-hand folders for several years now. Witness the Benchmade Nimravus, for instance, or maybe something forthcoming from Ed......OOPS! Not yet!

Halfway between the Fallkniven F1 Swedish Air Force Survival Knife and their big A1 Bush Knife, the Fallkniven S1 has arrived in North America. VG10 Blade about 5", a little more than 3/16" stock, with a hair-splitting convex edge out of the box. The sheath is either low-riding leather in the Scandinavian tradition or tactical cordura.

Here are some images, hot off the scanner this morning:

More information and specifications are at Fallkniven's web page at

That's a gorgeous looking leather sheath. Are all Fallkniven's sheaths so nice?
You have to go the custom route to get a more solid leather sheath than come with the Fallkniven knives. The leather sheaths that come with the F1 are also first-rate. Note that they are designed to make sure the knife is there when you want it, and won't cut its way loose, and not for fast-draw. They're a tight fit, and really grip the handle material.