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Fallkniven S1 vs Cold Steel SRK


Jan 31, 2000
I am new to the forums, so please forgive any redundancies or mistakes. I am considering either a Fallkniven S1 or a Cold Steel SRK for a field/camping/cooking/general use fixed blade. Any comparisons on either steel quality, edge retention, corrosion resistance, projected durability, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
I have both the F1 and A1 and really like both knives. I can't compare them to the SRK since I don't have one, but try doing a search in this as well as the general discussion forum (the current one and year one) and you'll find lots of info. Also look at www.physics.mun.ca:80/~sstamp/knives/reviews.html
You'll find reviews of Fallkniven knives and their VG10 steel.

And welcome to the Forums.
Judging from pictures -- I haven't handled any of the Falkniven models yet -- the SRK is not as finely finished. It's difficult to tell because of the epoxy coating but I don't think the grind is as precise as on other CS knives. The steel, Carbon V holds a terrific edge and will rust unless given reasonable care. There's enough belly so it skins satisfactorily. It's an extremely rugged piece and I don't think I could break it. The kraton grip has come in for criticism by some but it provides an excellent grip particularly under adverse conditions -- cold, wet, slippery from blood, etc. A great tool, able to take a lot of abuse.
The Cold Steel SRK is a tad thick for my tastes in a knife of it's size. Because it so thick, it is super strong but, not the best utility knife out there.

The Fallkniven S-1 would be my pick based on your two choices because I think the VG-10 steel and knife profile offer a better overall package in an average using knife.

Stay Sharp,

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IMO either of these knives would be an excellent choice for your needs. If price is an issue go with the SRK, if not I'd give the S1 a try. Just to make it interesting throw A Busse #5 into the evaluation (now the choice is obvious!).
Hi Guys...

Owning 2 Fallknivens Ai ,FI.. I love them both. Just ordered the SI and WMI from Proedge...

I can't see that I won't like either one...

Alberta Ed !!

Did you get your blade back yet ????


Did you get your Sheath yet ???

ttyle Eric....

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Originally posted by JDS:
Any comparisons on either steel quality, edge retention, corrosion resistance, projected durability, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
Either would be a good choice, but the S1 is stainless, the SRK isn't, so if corrosion resistance is a desired property, then the S1 would be most suitable, and its VG-10 steel with the rolled edge holds an edge well and is strong so you don't have to worry on that account.
Apart from that, I think the handle is what you need to consider most: The SRK's is fatter and Kraton, the S1's is slimmer and Thermorun E which isn't as soft. <em>I</em> prefer the latter.

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