False edge survey results

Oct 3, 1998
First off, I would like to personally thank all of those who either posted here or answered our email...we received over 200 email responses! Great feedback and comments such as what you have graciously submitted helps us determine (marketing analysis) and build a better product.

Thanks again...now...here are the results.

Both "camps" were steadfast and firmly entrenched in their beliefs. I will summarize and paraphrase the results...

About 70%-75% favored no false edge, since the A2 MPK represents the top-of-the-line heavy duty fixed blade utility design that will be used for whacking, hacking, chopping, bopping, prying, etc., (as the comments came in). The keywords here are heavy duty and utility.

About 25%-30% favored a false edge due to the knife being a truly utilitarian design that can also be used (in addition to the above) as a "fighter" and other similar things. This camp states that A2 should be tough enough to pry with even with a false edge (remember, the MPK's false edge has a 1/16" flat spot on top). Others said we should actually sharpen it which we will probably do for a few.

What all of this great feedback has told us is that we should build both types of steel MPKs. This first run of steel MPKs will all have false edges (since they are already built) but next runs will all include non false edges. We will also have serrateds and non serrated available.

Again, thanks for all of the great feedback and all of your continued support of Mission products. New photos should be coming soon on the website.

What blade lengths will be available for the next run of MPK's?

When will they be available?

Will a fully serrated version be available?