fancy names or something special?

Oct 11, 1998
Anybody know the differece between Cold Steel's "concealex" sheaths and everyone elses kydex? And does anybody REALLY know what the true current SEAL knife is, if any? I've heard the SEAL's are alowed to use pretty much whatever knife they feel like, but who knows?
Kydex and Concealex are registered trademarks of different companies. for similar thermoplastics.
Concealex has a wider variety of colors/patterns. One is less texured than the other, and one is slightly easier to work with. I haven't heard or read anthing that suggests that the final product (sheath, holster) of one is better (wear longevity, etc) than the other.

Regarding "official" SEAL knives, a check of NSNs will show that the government contracts Mission for it's MPK-Ti. That I believe is the preferred "issue" blade at the present time.

As with all branches of the service, local unit commanders set policy regarding the use of personally acquired knives. Obviously the Spec Op community, including the SEAL, have the widest lattitude.


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While indeed there is an NSN for the Mission knives, I have never met anyone who has been issued one. The Glock seems to be the actual issue knife of choice. There is some Cold Steel being issued as well.

Knives are a funny thing in the Teams. some guys are realy in to it while others could really care less. Pretty much boils down to the individual. If ou care to have somthing other than the POS you are issued, have at it. The Navy just 'aint paying for it.

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