Favorite camping blade(s)?

Mar 18, 1999
When out in the woods, what knife or knives do you always have? For me, it's usually 3. My Simonich Nordooh, or Busse Mistress for my big blade. Busse Mean Street for a small blade. And a SAK, usually the larger Hunter model with locking blade.
Depends on whether I'm day-tripping, backpacking, car camping, etc. In general, I break down uses into 3 categories: big jobs, small jobs, and equipment fix-up.

Small jobs are 90+ percent of my blade use. Food prep especially, plus whittling walking sticks or marshmellow sticks, cutting bandages or moleskin, cutting cordage, and other miscellaneous small jobs. A.G. Russell Deerhunter is my top knife in this category easily. 4" flat-ground ultra-thin drop-point blade with the most useful sheath for camping in the history of the universe. The small-job knife should have a thin edge and cut like crazy. I'm going to take a TTKK out to the woods this year instead of the Deerhunter and see how it works out -- I think it'll work excellent from what I've seen so far. I've also used a puukko in this role. Don't have a Spyderco Moran, but it too would seem to be a very strong candidate.

Big jobs include cutting kindling to size, clearing, etc. In all honesty in the northern california wilds there's very little need for this, and low-impact camping guidelines preclude this at most places. But I do bring and use a big-job knife when I do this kind of stuff. 12" Ontario machete is my fave, I've also brought an Estwing hatchet (too heavy for the performance). A kukri might be a heavier but nice choice here. I probably will stick with the machete, but if I actually did more chopping and splitting in the woods I'd seriously consider the kukhri.

Equipment fixup is anything from the stove to the tent or anything else. I bring a Leatherman PST II for this job. Most importantly, it is reasonably small and light. It has all the tools I need, including scissors which are important. And needlenose pliers are best for little job fix-ups.

Current line-up: Deerhunter, 12" machete, PST II.

Possible future line-up: TTKK, 15" Ang Khola, PST II.

I don't know if I have said anything before, but my K-bar is my favorite camp knife.
I'll let you know in May, but I think my new Bushman is going to become my favorite camp knife. That and one of my Uncle Henry 3-blades (with the "filet" blade for food prep) should do just fine, and for 12 bucks I could use it till it snapped if I had to (and that would take some doing, I think.)
In order of appearance:
1.) Ontario SP-10
2.) CS Master Hunter
3.) Outdoor Edge Kodi-Pak
4.) Leatherman Wave
5.) Gerber Gator ATS-34 Combo (Drop Point)
6.) Outdoor Edge Wedge

My Bride's:
1.)Buck Nighthawk
2.)Schrade Finger Knife
3.)Gerber Gator, 440c combo (Clip Point)
4.)Gerber Gator Mate
5.)Gerber Multi-Tool
6.)Outdoor Edge Wedge

My son's (6 yr old):
1.) Buck 440

The expensive blades all stay home. I really don't like to lose knives in the woods.

Next time, however, I will be taking my
Nimravus with me, to check it out. Who knows? It might be the best utility out there.

I like my SOG Northwest Ranger. It has a great handle, it holds a good edge and it's size makes it useful for cooking and other uses.
Last year in Killarney and Algonquin parks I used the spyderco moran fb exclusively. When canoe tripping through these areas every gram counts and the quality and shape of the blade, comfy handle and light weight combined to make an ideal knife.