Favorite Carry knife?

Oct 13, 2000
What is your favorite carry knife? I would restrict this to lightweight folders, since many knives can be carried.. Other factors might include pocket clip, size, speed of opening, moisture/rust/dirt resistance, can be dropped without damage, etc. I'll start off by saying the Spyderco Native seems to have a very good combination of size and strength for me!
My favorite lightweight folder?

My Cold Steel Gunsite...ALOT of knife in a strong, yet lightweight package.

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My current favorite is my Emerson CQC-7B. I've also got a Commander, a Benchmade 710 Axis and a Gerber Covert. I like them all but the CQC-7B seems to be the best combination. Small enough to fit neatly in the pocket, reasonably priced, extremely sharp, and very fast opening. I must say that the Gerber is really nice also and that is a close second.
Really depends on clothing. Suit and tie or lightweight pants (weak pockets) are one thing and jeans are another.

S&T = BM 940 Osborne or Small Sebenza

Jeans = Large Sebenza or AlMar SERE 2000

Got a pair of Wegners too, but they get rotation (usually work them on three days' rest) except for when hunting, then I always go with the Wegs.

BTW, always have a SAK, they are so ubiquitous that they really don't even count; kinda like wearing pants.

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I'm back on the large Sebenza, in fact I think I'll go sharpen it now

James Segura
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My current daily carry is the REKAT Carnivore
Cub I bought during the 1SKS Labor Day sale. I have removed the pocket clip (hate the damn things), sanded the edges smooth and polished the liners. I really like this little knife!
Not really a lightweight, my MT LCC stonewashed plain edge. Front right pocket of my jeans. The LCC recently replaced my BM 910SBT.
My current two favorite small folders are the Spyderco Native and the small Sebenza but I really do enjoy the BM 940 eventhough it is a little longer than my usual carry length.
Folders I've had that I like a lot include large and small Sebenza, Mayo gent's folder, Lum chinese folder, Busfield interframe lockback, Carson large Model 4, Carson small Model 16. I carry the Carson small 16 all the time now. Second choice would be the Large Sebenza. Like the Carson for the clip, tip down carry, 440V blade, overall thin, slick knife. In my mind, it can't be beat.
I carry a SIFU everyday. I know, I know....But it really isn't that bad, at least for me. Maybe because i wear baggy pants a lot. I just can't get over this knife, the lockup is super strong and smooooth, handle fits perfectly in my hands. My other ones are MT LCC, also a top notch blade, and spydie police, MT SOCOM, and the one i just got, LF BM CQC7. Guess I'm all covered
My favorite carry knife is Spyderco CF Dragonfy. It isn't my favorite knife but I can carry it everywhere. It is functional enough to handle most chores (in work I have another knife/knives with me for heavier duty) and still small enough not to rise eyebrows(often).

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REKAT Carnivore (straight edge) and a 50/50 Spydie Delica...sometimes, I'll rock a BM Stryker instead of the Carnie but that seems to be happening less and less nowadays. I've been thinking of snagging a BM mini-McHenry & Williams Axis Lock to replace the Delica, but I like the "losable" aspect of the Spydie. Oh, well...

I also dig the CRKT large KFF, but I gave mine away as a birthday present... Double oh well...
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Kind of funny what some of you are calling lightweight.
The small Sebenza is light enough to be invisible, but very handy. I like carrying it more than the large, even though the large is easier for my hands to use.
A Benchmade 705BT is always on me, but lately a Spydie 440V Native has been getting quite a bit of use.

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my whirlwind!...if its lightweight were talking about.....otherwise it would be my avalanche!!