Favorite & Least Favorite Reactions to Your Knife?

It struck me that in all the years I've pulled a knife to use it (99.99% of the time for utility), I've had varied reactions from other people. Here is my favorite and least favorite:

Years ago I was shopping at Price Savers, a monstorous warehouse grocery store. A friend of mine, unbeknownst to me, was shoplifting (we parted ways inside the store, he told me to "go ahead" the jerk). An irritating little security guard grabbed me when I reached the car, and tried to drag me into his office. I shook him off, and went on my own accord. When I reached his office the security guy frisked me, and found two balisongs in my back pockets. He just about had an orgasm, he was so happy to have gotten into the "big leagues" up from simple shoplifting to misdemeanor concealed weapons. He immediately called the police. I sat there sweating for a while until the police showed up. When they did, the security guard had forgotten all about my "friend's" thievery, and waved my balis in the faces of the officers. They took the knives from him, looked at each other, shrugged, and gave me the knives back right there. I put them back in my pockets while the police cuffed my "friend" and dragged him off. The reaction of the police was precious, but the reaction of the security guard was gold. He had an expression on his face that looked like somebody had kicked him in the jimmy while lighting his hair on fire. It makes me smile just thinking about it. . .

My least favorite reaction of others came just a couple of years ago when I was at a party in a new city. They desperately needed a package cut open, so I whipped out my BM auto spike without thinking, cut the package open and had the knife back in my pocket within a second (stupid, stupid, stupid). Well, no one spoke to me for the rest of the evening, and even now when I see some people I met at the party and I say "hello" they look the other way and move on rapidly.

Any other favorite/least favorite reactions?


P.S. If you're wondering why the police reacted that way, in certain cities in Utah it's still legal to carry balis and switchblades, but you have to be careful because each juristiction is different.
My favorite reaction happened about a month ago.

The company I work for hired a new "Top Manager" to shake the place up a bit, (while I was on vacation). Upon returning, I found out from other employees that he was busting chops all over the warehouse, including all of management. I finally got a chance to meet him and after exchanging pleasentries, we took a tour of the warehouse.

He comes to a pallet of cartons, and he wants one open to see inside.....so....my trusty Balisong comes out of nowhere, cuts the tape, and dissappears just as fast as it came out.

After 10 years of working there, this is an everyday occurance for everyone in the warehouse. Then he asks to see my knife..... OK, I pull it out, and hand it to him. He looks at it, opens it up (two handed of course),looks at it for a minute, points it at me and says "now what are ya' gonna do?" (joking, but attempting to be menacing. Does this ever happen to anyone else?)...... before he can finish the sentence, with a flurry of clicks, I whip out the other two (I always have 3 on me at work).......

Lets just say I'm the only one in the warehouse at this point, who hasn't been threatened with termination ......job, or otherwise!

.......it's a good thing he didn't make me whip out the "Q"....thats when I get serious!

Clay G.

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I'll go with James - but I will add that I once got both reactions within about an hour, both from young ladies.

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Favorite Reaction:
Whoa! cool knife, where can I get one like that?? It's yours! (he was speechless)

Least Favorite:
1)Wow, this is sharp. How do I close it??
2)What are you planning on killing with that?

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Favorite Reactions:
Dang thats a sharp knife.
Whoa! thats cool, where did you get it.
I very rarely get any bad comments on my knives but when I do they are usauly " you spent that much for a knife."
I left one out. My wife counting up how much she spent on buying me knives over the last year and deciding that she needed to cut that part of her budget down a little. Sigh.

Favorite reaction: "Is that thing legal?"
Least favorite reaction: "Is that thing LEGAL?"

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Favorite: "Is that a beeper?"

Least favorite: "Are you going to rob me?"


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Favorite reaction: One day (amongst knife-friendly friends) I needed to cut something and pulled out my Vaquero Grande. Everyone stopped, we all looked at each other, and started laughing.

Least favorites: when the law enforcement officers took away my clearly illegal switchblades (particularly the time at the border during my strip search).

Favorite reactions: when I was let off with a small fine or a warning and not arrested.

Other favs: Holy Sh*t that sucker's sharp.
Gee you get that out fast.

An engineering manager once asked to see my pocket knife (there was nothing that needed cutting at the time and I had neither displayed it nor talked about it). At the time it was a 5-blade SAK with locking main blade and philips head screw driver. He said it was one of his basic ways of telling whether a guy was a real engineer. He later offered me a job as one of his group leaders.
Favorite Reaction:
Wow, that is sharp!
Where can I get one?

Least Favorite:
That knife cost how much?
What are you gonna skin with that?
When I was in delivery with UPS a couple of years ago I delivered a package to a toy store in a mall that didn't get them often. So as the clerk looks at the package funny wondering what it is, I whip out my Spyderco delica and try to hand it to him (handle first of coarse just like dad showed me). He gets all bug eyed and says "I don't like knives" and then proceeds to take a pair of scissors open them all the way and use one leg of them as a piss poor knife . I laughed and asked "why not use a better tool?". He didn't answer. This wasn't really a bad experiance but I just thought it was funny that this dork would rather use an inferior tool because a knife was evil or something.
Well, maybe I'm not PC, but a moment comes to mind ... my niece, who was about 18 at the time, was struggling to open a package. I produced a balisong and cut it open for her and vanished the balisong before her very eyes and she said, "You carry that thing around in your pocket???" with eyes like saucers....

I replied, "No. I carry it up my sleeve," and pulled up my sleeve to show her.

Magic tricks are fun.

-Cougar Allen :{)
One time I pulled out and thumbed open a Delica to open a box for a woman I worked with. She said, " Wow, that's a Rambo knife!!". Really. I told her no, it's aworking knife that stands up well to packing tape, cardboard etc. She gave me this LOOK, as though I said something stupid or rude and walked away. Of course, a couple of days later she needed a knife assist again; this time I had the full serration Endura, you can imagine her reaction! But she knew who to come to when sharpness was required.
HEY! Where did that COME from??!?!?

Least favorite;
So one of the guys that I work with says to me, "Joe, let me see your knife." I give him the knife, and he opens it, pionting it at me."Well now I've got the knife- what are you gonna do?" Now right about this time two thoughts run through my mind. 1 I don't know this guy at all(I'd just started there at the time), 2 He IS holding a weapon and I KNOW it's dangerously sharp.
So, I quickly put him in a submission hold(a little faster than he thought I'd be
, calmly take my knife back and tell him "Now not only do you not have the knife, but I've got your arm. Now before you pull a knife on someone again, you better learn how to keep it."
At which point I put the knife away and went back to work. The guys at work still call me Segal(as in Steven) and this was over two years ago.


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Least fav: About 6 years ago I worked as a bellman in a hotel. My first serious knife was a Spyderco Endura serrated. I carried it everywhere. One day I was called to help push a display trailer out ot the lobby and into the parking garage. The trailer was too tall to clear the automatic doors, and we decided to let some air out of the tires. A friend of mine used a ball point pen to let some air out on his side. The guest/exhibitor standing with me asked if I had a pen, to which I shook my head. It took me about half a second to pull and open the Endura. Apparently I had done it so quickly the guest just about had a heart attack, and literally jumped to a spot about 3 feet away from me. I actually laughed at his reaction, and went on to do my job.

I have yet to have a favorite reaction, unless you count the time some guy at a gun show was telling me how fast an opener some POS knife he was selling was. I pulled out my Commander and his jaw dropped.
I think my favorite reaction to my knife was years ago when my car was in the shop to have something done. There was no one else there except an occasional gas customer and the three of us (owner, mechanic and myself) were in the bay, working on my car and talking.

At some point something needed opening. While the owner was digging in his pocket for his knife I pulled my then new AFCK and sliced the package open. The owner looked at the knife and laughed to himself, then said "J*%)@ C(&#*$ Mike I wish you would quit F*@#$)* around with those little knives and find one that do the job!"

The service station has been sold and is now a mini mart, the owner is retired, the AFCK is still in my pocket.