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Favorite Production Knife

Nov 15, 1998
Axis, SOCOM, Endura, Gunsite, Vaquero, Genesis, Styker, Apache, Wegner.....

Surprise, the AFCK (in black with M-2 steel). For my money, still the most ergonomic folder out there. Very easy to open. Real nice click when flicked open. Thick titanium liners, yet not too heavy. Tactical ATS-34 blade can handle utility chores. Right under the 4" blade limit. The price can't be beat for what you get. And losing it would not be a financial disaster!
I always seem to go for the Cold Steel and Spyderco's. Am starting to lean towards CRKT knives though, for the money the quality seems to be above average.

Boy, I would have to cast my vote for the Military by Spyderco, kinda big, but sharp and light. I will hold judgement until the Native in CPM440V... for a more "pocketable" knife.
Well, until I get my REKAT PioneerII, I have to agree with Fulcrum...AFCK,60/40 ATS34...just a sweet knife.
Favorite all around is the Spyderco Wegner in plain edge. Has done all I' ve asked of it.


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Started with BMCQC7, then Spyderco Wegner, then EDI. EDI is by far the best of mine.
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Rock On!

At first I thought that picking a favorite production knife would be hard. There's so many to choose from that where do you start? So I asked myself, "Self, what knife do you use every single day that most epitomizes good shape, design and execution at a production pricepoint?"

The answer is then perhaps easier:
Spyderco Santoku (yeah the cook's Spydie)

Folders may come and go with each change of steel or lock mechanism. Fixed blade hunting knives may come and go with fashion changes, but the only way that I can see to improve on the Spyderco Santoku would be to drop the price to compete with *free*. ;-)

Production Knives..IN ORDER OF DELIGHT:
1)Walker/Klotzli/Spyder(not sure if a production knife,but sweeeet)cost,way $$$
2)Spyderco,Moran Featherweight
3)EDI Gen-1(but clip is missing)
4)Kershaw,Wild,Wild,Turkey(great little knife)
5)Spydie Military(had two till recently)

Just ordered a MINI Socom, anybody have one or is there a reveiw anywhere?

My favorite high end production knives are my Socoms (if the sebenza is not considered production that is). But from the ones that I can live with if I lost them, the AFCK comes first followed by the BM CQC7.
For a decent and cheap fixed blade it would have to be a CS Recon Tanto for me.

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Today's answer would probably be a toss up between my M2 AFCK's and the 440V Military (new version.)(Axis very close)

Tomorrow might be MT LUDT or SOCOM D/A.

Sebenza would always be in there if the category allows it.

Ahhhh, forget it. It's just too hard to choose.


Live Free or Die

For everyday use and abuse , do anything you ask from it knife........One word...SOCOM
My favorite production folders, I will limit them to four, that I have are:

1. Emerson Commander
2. Benchmade AFCK
3. Emerson CQC7
4. Gerber Covert (I forgot to say double bevel)

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Gerber Covert (double bevel). Fits to my hands, looks goods, quality steel (ATS-34) and has extra safety with locking liner.
Spydie Military (440V) for utility pocket carry, BM plainedge BT coated Stryker for pocket carry with social purposes in mind...

For easy of carry, everyday chores, and darn handy in the kitchen - Shrade 897UH premium stock knive. - Brian
Since I’ve gotten away from folders my favorite semi- production knifes are Mad Dogs. But I still will buy a MT if I have the chance. I have a Sebenza on order and should be getting it soon, I ordered it before I went Mad Dog mad.

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