Fess Up - Your Daily Carry also Your Favorite Knife????

Nov 15, 1998
Mine are. I carry a Krait (my best looking folder) and an M-2 AFCK (this remains a favorite with its purposeful look and ease of opening).

However, I do NOT carry my favorite auto (CFO) - for legal and investment reasons.


"Favorite" in a singular sense is really tough. I have several: JB Stealth Cheyenne ( grey with cocobolo scales), Socom D/A/BTP, VBM-UDT's.
So...........I guess If I HAD to choose ONE favorite, it would be the small Sebenza.
I'd sure miss the rest, though ;(.
My daily carry Sebenza is definitely my favorite folder. I was afraid to really use it until it got a few scratches on the handle, but now I can relax and enjoy it as it was intended!
I felt the same way about that Sebenza. I'm glad I don't now. Now I use the knife, removed the fob and since I am a Bill McWilliams protege, I removed the clip (did I do good, Bill?

Oh the question.....lets see.....hmmm, tough one. I usually switch out a smaller knife during the week since it's easier to carry at work but I would have to say my favorite knife right now overall is still my EDI Genesis for a bunch of reasons.


daily front pocket= Mini-Socom (#250 out of 500!), 3500SBT, or mini-reflex. (I'm a science geek and I care little about auto laws since I don't get hassled much).

walking the dog down the nasty streets of the city= CS Kobun inside the waistband in the small of back and/or MD mirage operator neck carry.

working knife= TH Rinaldi TaiPan custom, or BM Stryker. (gonna get a pinnacle soon methinks)
I used to follow a fairly strict daily rotation of my folders, but since getting my large Sebenza two weeks ago I haven't been able to leave it at home. Occasionally I carry another folder in my left pocket, but usually not. Once the newness wears off the Sebenza, I'll try rotating again. Maybe.

I discovered that rotating through my knives makes it pretty clear which are my favorites, since some days I'm tempted to skip to the next day's knife.


Favourite Folder -- yes

I alternate these days between the my small Sebenza and my Calypso, Jr.

As for fixed blades, most of my favs aren't in my possesson (3 Mad Dogs on order).



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Ignoring my Leatherman Wave or a SAK....
my favorite carry since 1979 has been a Gerber Paul knife. OK edgeholding, good stain resistance, and VERY CONVENIENT.

I do occasionally alternate, but have always gone back to the Paul knife for reasons of convenience. Now that I just got a Sebenza....hmmm....for now... the Sebenza or both.

(Even bigger grin...until my next credit card bill...just before my Large Sebenza arrived and having a hard time waiting...I was at a knife show and picked up a Small Sebenza. The large is a great knife and will probably be carried a lot, but for daily indoors carry, the Small is a great size.)
I actually think of it in reverse. I claim your daily carry knife *is* your favorite knife! At least that's the case for me. I always grab my fave knives regardless of price, so whether my fave is a custom folder or factory folder, you'll see my carrying it.

And true to form, I do carry my two favorite knives the most: Benchmade Axis and Spyderco Calypso Jr.

How's this for an interesting category:

Longest stint as "favorite folder": Spyderco delica 2+ years. Benchmade mini-AFCK made it nearly as long.

"Favorite?" Guess that would make it my SAK which is there everyday.

Like several others here, I rotate different knives on different days. Most often I carry a Genesis and a Commander but even then the old SAK is along for the ride as the workhorse utility tool.

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It's my favorite folder. Crawford Kasper Fighting Folder is on me whenever I have a pocket. In a couple of months (hopefully), I will replace it with a Rolling Lock KFF.

At home I also carry my Polkowski Scorpion.

My favorite is the Axis. I'm hooked on this thing.Before that it was the M2 AFCK. and before that my Calypso Jr and Delica 2. I carry the Axis because it performs. I like everything about it. I used to switch daily too,but that ended up being a problem because I would end up in conflict with myself because I could'nt make up my mind on which knife to carry!!Anyone else ever experience that? : )
I'm with Axel on the KFF fan and daily wear club. I do sneak in the Pinnacle when I need a smaller print. I am waiting for Crawford's Carnivour and not a rolling lock KFF, though tempted I am since I like the KFF much.


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I've been carrying a "silver spot" AFCK for over 5 yrs now. There are plenty of others (and many more to choose from, if I was so inclined) but the AFCK always makes its way back to my pocket. It is now almost 1/4" shorter than it was originally!

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I have carried my small Sebenza almost constantly since I recieved it, and it is by far my favorite. Pulled the clip, and am now searching for the right leather sheath to keep it secure.

My fav is my Robbie Dalton auto Tanto. I used to carry it on duty until my defensive tactics instructor kept trying to "wrestle me" for it. Now it's a AFCK and a Newt Livesay Woo. I love my Woo.
My favourite folder is my BM Stryker witch is also my dayly carry. My favourite *knife* is a 4 inch fixed blade, but I only carry it at home/at the building site/in garden.

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