Finally got an Al Mar SERE 2000...first impressions...

Jul 31, 2000
...and I just have to say WOW! This knife really feels like a quality piece! The handle is very beefy, with comfortable G-10 slabs rounded around the edges, the thickest steel liners I have ever seen, an super-low tip-up carry (lowest you can get, really), and an extremely sharp VG-10 spearpoint blade.

The handle-shape reminds me quite a bit of the Spyderco Starmate. Although much beefier on the SERE, this handle shape is extremely comfortable for me when doing a traditional hammer-grip or a side-grip (putting thumb over side of handle).

One of my worries when purchasing this knife consisted in its supposedly disproportionate blade-to-handle ratio. Although the handle is a bit bigger, I really think that the knife does not suffer at all from this aesthetically or functionally. In fact, it looks great to me, and I'm usually picky about such things. When you close the blade, you can tell that it would be very difficult to add more blade length.

My only complaint deals with the thumbstuds. Why on earth did Al Mar make these so sharp? They are very uncomfortable on the thumb, and really dig a bit so you can feel a "sting" when opening the blade. Still, this is easily fixable, and should not discourage anybody to purchase this wonderful piece.

I'm sure glad I purchased mine! It looks like it will make an excellent utility/survival piece. It also looks like a great tactical piece!


The SERE is by far my favorite everyday carry. I am never without it during the working day though sometimes I'll switch off to something slim and classy if I'm going out in the evening.

Put a piece of heat shrink tubing over that thumbstud and hit it with a hair dryer. Trim excess with a razor blade. It really makes that stud easy on the thumb and gives positive traction.
I've been thinking of buying one myself, but I've been trying to choose between the SERE and the Buck Strider. It seems by your post, that the SERE is a much sharper knife. Thanks for the info.
Yeah, I love my SERE too. It's virtually replaced my large Sebenza as my EDC. The action is so smooth that I can just flick the thumbstud with my thumb and the blade jumps open and locks like a vault. The only thing I would like to do is cut some thumb ridges on the top of the thumb rest.
Anyone do this yet? I was wondering if I could hand cut them in with jewelers files. However, since I would do this without disassembling the knife to keep things lined up, I wonder how the filing would go cutting through 2 very dissimilar materials.
Help anyone?
If you want a knife for cutting, get a SERE 2000 or a BM 710, if you want a folding tire tool and tent stake, get a Buck Strider
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Clayton Hufford:
If you want a knife for cutting, get a SERE 2000 or a BM 710, if you want a folding tire tool and tent stake, get a Buck Strider

Amen! I would like to add the Spyderco Wegner to the list of knives for cutting. The SERE 2000 is one of my all time favs. I just wish the thumb studs weren't so sharp.

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I blew my chance to pick up a SERE at a show a couple of months ago. Both Chris Raymond(CPR) and I spotted it at the same time. The nice dealer lady said she only had one. Chris and I, being the gallant gentlemen we are, didn't want to buy it out from under each other's noses and somebody else got it.
I am gonna get the next one I spot, hopefully at the show this weekend in Charlotte, NC. I am also going to move this thread to knife reviews, where it is more appropriate.

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I just picked up my Sere 2000 yesterday.

Even though I haven't had very much of a chance to use and/or play with it yet, I am going to have to say that I agree with all your comments.

What an awesome knife!!!

If it wasn't for the sharp
ass thumbstuds, this one would be almost (notice I say almost) the "perfect knife".

I can't wait to use it (on more than just paper)!!!

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S2K is the folder! I just wish that they would do a Wegner style blade.

Other than the Sebenza, it is THE folder.

Keep in mind that I am talking about the manuals. The autos leave something to be desired.
Just wanted to add some comments to my above statement.
The SERE 2000 is my first knife to come with a spear-point blade. At first, I was leary of the design. However, I've come to really appreciate it's general utility. The fact that the spine is "swedged" down really makes this an excelent "piercer". For instance, on cardboard boxes, just shove the point into the cardboard and cut down. Then turn the box over and complete the cut. Yeah, I can do the same thing with my Sebenza, it's just not as easy as with the spear point. And no, I'm not putting down the Sebenza, just different blade shapes excel at different tasks. I'm sure I'll find other tasks that the spear point excels at. How 'out y'all tell me what you use your spear points for.
I was kinda psyched when my SERE 2000 showed up. Seemed like a nice big robust knife without the problems of the Emerson line.

Then I gave it the spine whack test, on a rubber mouse pad on my desk. I'd never owned a folder that failed the spine whack test...wasn't sure how they could. Now I know. I was very surprised that I could cause the SERE 2000 to disengage violently on 2 out of 3 whack tests. Not good.

Did I just get unlucky? Would be interested to see how many of you who posted have whacked your SERE 2000 spines, and how many pass this rudimentary test. My knife seemed to have a good lockup... that is what was surprising to me.

Before you launch into a diatribe about this being an unrealistic test, realize that I used to think that too. Then I thought about the fact the knife will be in my right hand, and if it closes up on me under heavy use, and this knife is supposed to be designed for heavy use, it'll get my best two fingers, index & middle. And I could be out in the boonies when it happens. I have too many folders that I can rely on to keep one with lock problem.

A lot have said this about the SERE model. I don't think the spine whack test is 100% reliable, but I will not carry a folder that fails it. Just my viewpoint.


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I don't normally perform the spine whack test as I don't find it to be of very much merit for real world applications, but for the sake of arguement, I subjected my brand new Sere 2000 to this test anyway.

I dawned a double layered, military repelling, leather gloves and held the handle of the knife very firmly between my thumb and forefinger. Then I whacked the back (spine) of the blade a total of ten times on my porch railing.

NO FAILURES to report!!!

Now I know that I didn't attach the knife to a broom handle for extra leverage, but, I did whack the hell out of this knife with all of the force that I dare.

So take that for what it's worth.

Now, on the subject of the sharp thumbstud...

I'm going to have to agree that this knife comes with a fairly sharp stud. I would even go so far as to say that if you had let's say ......fair, womenish, non-working hands, then you will probably end up bleeding on your first attempt at opening this folder.
I fixed this situation on my knife using a jeweler's file to remove the sharp edge. It's perfect now.

The Sere 2000 appears, IMHO, to be a over-built workhorse of a knife that is worth the price. It certainly blows much of the competition out of the water.

So if you are still seeing's probably just from me putting out the fire!!!

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