FINN BEAR Question


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Oct 21, 2014
I need new bifocals, and can't tell for sure.

Does the CS FINN BEAR have a Scandi Ground or Saber Ground edge? (I don't think it has a hollow grind ...)

My understanding of the differene between the two is: A "Saber Grind" is a "Scandi Grind" with a seconday bevel.
(If that is incorrect, please tell me the actual difference.)
I know that to sharpen a Scandi grind, you put the bevel flat on the stone, hence there is no seconary bevel.

Presuming it does have a secondary bevel, or is a hollow grind, what is the edge angle? 12 DPS? 15 DPS?
If more obtuse than 15 DPS, (30 degees inclusive) If I thin and reprofile the edge to 15 DPS, will the 1.1446 KRUPP that CS used for the blade hold the edge, or will it constantly roll the edge doing typical camp chores, (does not include firewood processing. I have an axe, hatchet, and saw for that.) and peeling and gutting big game critters or cleaning fish?