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Finnish Puukko M.95

Yesterday I purchased a J.P. Peltonen Puukko M.95 Ranger knife from Kellam Knives. They are currently running a special on this knife for $139 and I just could not pass it up.
The knife is well made and has a great sheath. I have read some complaints in this forum before about the M.95 not having a lanyard hole, this has been changed.
I used the knife this morning while clearing some fence line on my property. The knife is very sharp and cut through vines and saplings with ease. I will be making a hunting trip later this month and report on how it works out.

Jul 9, 1999
I will be impatiently waiting for that report as I have been eyeballing those knives with a great deal of curiosity. I've got a weakness for Puukko type knives and tactical type knives and this looks like a marriage made in heaven to me!

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