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FIRE SALE Fallkniven A1, new never used SOLD!

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Mar 2, 2013
For sale. Not interested in trades, at this time. Paypal only. I eat all fees. Prices include USPS Priority mail, to your door. 50 USA states only. First "I'll take it" followed by PM for my paypal address, gets it. Payment needs to be made same day, unless prior arrangements made. All sales are final, so please ask any questions prior to commitment. Please include 'send to' address, along with payment. Thanks for looking.

FALLKNIVEN A1- New, never used. VG10 steel, zytel sheath. No box.
From the Fallkniven web site: The Fallkniven A1 is an all-purpose knife on the larger side designed for heavy duty use. The powerful blade is made of extremely hard and tough laminated VG10 steel, and will withstand the stress of hard use. The knife is superb at chopping as well finer daily cutting tasks thanks to the ergonomic grip. The full tang goes entirely through the handle so you can strike with the end of it without breaking the grip. The Fallkniven A1 is unaffected by water and works equally well in extreme cold and stifling heat. Black Zytel sheath. $139.00 SOLD


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