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First Impression: Big Country Kampr by Ken Warner

Jul 17, 1999
This is a serious camp knife that could double as anything you want a big knife for. 13 1/4 inches overall, with a 8" blade of AUS-8 steel hardened to 56-57 Rc, 3/16" thick at the spine. It is convex ground and comes very sharp,and it promises to be a durable edge due to the configuration (convex grind) . The rubber (kraton?) handle is very comfortable for my medium hands, and has a lanyard hole. The choil area is pretty small, but adequate for me to "choke up" on the knife for finer work.There is a 3" false edge, of which 2 1/4 is sharpened, a very unusual feature.The sheath is a "system" with a shoulder strap rather than belt loop. It lends itself to several modes of carry, and is unique in my experience.For a knife of this size, it may be the wave of the future in carry options. I did communicate with Mr. Warner about the possibility of an optional hip sheath, and he said that it may be in the works for the near future.The more I handle this bad boy, the more I like it.It really handles well for a big knife. It will probably be this spring before I do any cutting with it on hiking trips, and I'll report back then. For $99 bucks, this is a great buy in a large general purpose knife which promises to become a constant outdoor companion. see at www.knifeware.com

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Thanks for the review. I've been looking at these for some time and wondering about them. Is it light or heavy ? When I get another knife in this size range, I want it to be little "quick" in the hand as well as tough. Does the Kamper fall into this category ? TIA

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Brian, at 3/16", it's no lightweight, but handles quickly. It could have easily been made as an "axe", but wasn't.I hate to call anything "medium" due to its lack of specificity, but this is a true midweight.Kind of like a Fallkniven, in that it's just as heavy as it needs to be, but no more. You'll be surprised how agile it is for its size. Hope this helps!

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"Always just one knife short of perfection!"
Do you remember the BLACKJACK Kampa?
Same profile as the Kampr. I was wondering, if, perchance, you've had dealings with both, how would you compare the two?
Very good reiview BTW.

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