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First Iteration Cold Steel Stag TrailMaster/Sheaths

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Jan 9, 1999
Here is a first iteration of the famous Cold Steel TrailMaster Bowie in Stag, with a custom Simenson made iwb sheath(superb quality) and the original style sheath(not shown). The stock sheath is the early style to match the bowie, brown leather, snap that goes around the stag handle. It is in very good condition also. Nice an solid with no cuts in it. I don't know who Mr. Simenson is but he sure does excellent leather work!

The knife itself is the original rolled convex edge, that I have hand sharpened and frankly it's way sharper than when I first obtained it. Being a rolled convex edge it won't dull quickly but I will admit it can be a bear to sharpen. The non presentation side or right side of the blade shows little dark spots that initially I thought was pitting and may be but they are so light that you can't feel them. The knife has a nice patina on the blade, everything is nice and tight and what is nice about the handle outside of being a nice piece of Sambar is that it is flat somewhat on the bottom where your fingers wrap around affording a good all around grip in either hand. If you check the CS logos' for the Stag TrailMaster on line you will see that this is correct for the first iteration of Stag handled TM's CS had produced. So it is pretty old considering it is a CS knife. The iwb sheath like I said is EXCELLENT, both in quality and construction. So there ya go.

Price is $275 and I pay shipping on it to you insured. Have a little wiggle room on price but I am paying shipping and insurance so you're probably saving $15 or a bit more off the top already.

PS it doesnt have a sharpened swedge. Being the first iteration of the Stag handle TM I think the thought here was survival first etc. and then fighting/defensive use.


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