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fixed vs folder

Oct 28, 1998
how many of you would prefer a small fixedblade over a folder for everyday carry(and use).

The reason I ask is that I prefer it my self and tend to like making those better aswell
Also I like the feel of a massive small blade whit bigger thickness than the average folder.
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A fixed blade knife doesn't have to be much larger than a folder, and most of the time it might not be necessary to have a very long blade either. But that "not much" may be enough that it doesn't fit well in a pocket.

And: A folder has the advantage it can be moved from different pockets, so it's easier to get at when you need it, and with one hand at that.
I can think of a loose sheath you can push off single handed, but if it's loose in the pocket, how do you put the knife back safely? The folder wins here too.

Not that this would stop me from getting a good 130 mm knife (about the size of a Starmate or Pinnacle), with a 30 mm blade, as I think I'd have plenty of use for it. (And rather a sort of sheepsfoot blade.)

Urban Fredriksson
I always had at least one folder on me before buying Boker Specialist. Right now it is my favourite. It is easy to carry (and hide) and .....

For me, even a small fixed blade is awkward to carry, especially without drawing attention. I use my folder on a daily basis, and I've never found its speed or strength wanting in any way. This trend towards fixed blades over folders is, in most cases, just that - another trend. I can see why someone in law enforcement or the military might want a larger (5"+) fixed blade for heavier use, but for most of us, a folder just makes more sense. I find it amusing that fixed blades have been around forever, but suddenly, the fashion conscious knife user has to put his folder away (even though a well made folder is light, strong, and low profile) and buy into the latest fixed blade craze. So what if the thing is heavier, more uncomfortable, and draws more attention? It's not unlike women's shoes. The urban fixed blade carrier is the latest fashion victim.
I would prefer a fixed blade for numerous reasons, I only carry folders as often it is not possible to carry fixed blades.

I don't know if I prefer one over the other, but ever since I got my Sean Perkins Scaetha and Seraph one of these two invariably goes everywhere with me! Part of the reason is that I can easily slip either knife in my back pocket when i am in clinic dress, which is something I do not like to do when I am in clinic dress (looks tacky). Also, I don't have to worry about having too much crap in my pockets all the time since the Perkins knives use a pocket I do not utilize anyway. Not to mention that the entire Seraph with its sheath is smaller than a typical folder I would carry.
I am making a sheath for a customer for a knife just like one of Jens' patch knives, and I would gladly carry one of those on a daily basis, too. The sheath will fit the knife at an angle between the belt and pants, so it will hardly be noticeable and VERY accessible!

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For daily carry I prefer a folder over a fixed blade for two primary reasons. First is convenience. There is nothing in my least average day that is going to break any of the serious folders that I own. Second, my folders are legal to carry without a hassle. Sure I can carry a fixed blade out in the open, but why put up with the consternation of the sheeple among us? Besides, most of the time I am not in appropriate garb for open carry unless the blade is concealed, which again is illegal where I live I believe, (at least I have been too lazy to look it up because I just use a folder).
Although small fixed blades like a couple of those offered by Cold Steel are pretty easy to carry, I belive that for most people folders are more convenient and present fewer legal problems. Personally, I almost never carry a fixed blade.
I believe both have their place.

I almost always have a fixed blade around my neck. And a folder in my pocket.

Right now it is a Sebenza and a Little Pecker.

Given apropriate circumstances I like to carry a fixed blade, but usually never exclusively.

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I would. I only carry folders because of the social and legal pressure to keep my knives out of sight. I am slowly educating my relatives to expect to see a knife on me, going openly fixed more and more. Would like to be packing my Mad Dog Lab Rat at all times. A 1/8" blade is strong enough for me as long as I know it ain't going to fold up on me.


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I prefer a fixed blade for use but they are sometimes a little cumbersome for everyday carry, therefor I would have to vote for a good high quality folder.

Very few fixed blades, no matter how small, can be as convenient to carry as a folder.
I LOVE my fixed blades with a passion but I live, work and do most of my playing in an urban or suburban environment these days and a fixed blade really freaks most sheeple out.
Don't believe me?
Wear a fixed blade to Disneyworld and look at people's reactions! They look at you like your a Charles Manson disciple hunting for the perfect victim. The same goes for pretty much any urban environment nowadays.
I like a folder because they are just easier for extended carry.
I've found that the only way to comfortably carry a fixed blade(small) for extended periods of time is the neck carry option. A runner up is a horizontal belt carry, but you still KNOW that knife is there every time you sit down.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

When you poll people who have never carried a reasonable size real knife in a pocket puukko sheath it's not surprising you get answers like real knives are inconvenient to carry and awkward to resheath, but I can't imagine why anyone thinks they have to have longer blades than folding knives....

Have a look at Anso's website. He makes a variety of excellent city knives. If you try it I think you'll find they're more convenient to carry and use than any folding knife.

-Cougar Allen :{)
Just a reminder. Fixed blade come in all sizes. Like this one that weighs just over an ounce sheaht and all. over all length is only 3.5"

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Fixed blade is for me, but I cheat and carry both? Today I have the Wood/Loveless Persona, and yesterday the Mike Irie Sport 400 and the day before the Steve Brooks damascus, all three of these have blades right at the 3" mark or less and wear well on the belt without raising a fuss, nice to pull out the knife and it's already open, no hassles.


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for camping hunting or fishing,I use a fixed blade knife.for daily use a buck 560 xlti folder
I prefer a small, fixed blade, however, I carry both. The fixed blade is with me on the weekends and I carry the folder during work days.
I carry a folder almost exclusively, but only because I don't currently have a fixed that's small enough for everyday carry. I'm going to dig deep into the wallet though and shell out the bucks for an A.G.Russell Woodswalker ($20) pretty soon. I think the hip-pocket sheath will work great, and with the handle sticking out it shouldn't be considered concealed. :)
I recall a Norwegian great-uncle when I was about ten years old who carried a small fixed blade with an ivory handle and a hard ivory sheath, beautifully carved. He could 'click' the sheath off with a thumb one-handed (you could do the same with the cheap black plastic sheathes that come with Mora knives). A lot of Norweigians and Finns (maybe Swedes, too) carry fixed blades, or used to. What's their usual mode of carry... maybe one of our European forum members can tell us. I prefer a fixed blade (weekend carry) but normally carry a folder other times as it's less obtrusive.