flying with sharp objects

Feb 28, 1999
My wife and I do quite a lot of air travel. A coworker recently had a dinky little pocket knife confiscated and was patted down as if he were in the joint. He protested to a supervisor and eventually had got the knife back but it was conscendingly implied that if they wanted to they could have kept it. Does anyone know what the FAA regulations actually require or where one might lay hands on them. In my travels later this year I intend to take something along with me. For example could a BM 705 be taken on the plane or do the regulations require leaving it in checked luggage? Or, must it be declared? Without knowing chapter and verse and perhaps having a copy of the rules in hand, I fear being treated like the criminal of the century.


If you will give me a call or send me an email, I can tell you quote and verse from FAA Security Manager at DIA. He has only asked that I not post his response publically, but can quote it in private.