Folder & Fixed Blade combos?

Oct 12, 1998
I just recently started to carry a fixed blade, an RJ Martin Quickening, and I figured that it is a good knife to carry with my MT Socom. What do you think is the best folder/fixed blade combination? Should you choose two opposite blade styles, or similar blade styles? I remember that Bud Nealy and Allen Elishewitz made a nice pair of self defense oriented knives some time ago. What choice of folder and fixed blade would you combine? I would like to hear your opinions on both a utility and a "tactical"
I carry, in addition to a microtech soccom MA, a Gerber MK II fighting knife when I am feeling like fighting. I also carry a leathermna wave (does most of the utility stuff, got a clip pont, and a serratted sheepsfoot).

A question.. Does your Socom lock positively? Mine will pop if I rap it on the spine.. won't if I just apply pressure, though,

How about a fixed/tactical folder/utility trio?

Fixed blade: Al Polkowski Kasper Scorpion

Tactical folder: Crawford Kasper Fighting Folder (soon to be Rolling lock)

Utility: Victorinox SwissTool.

Lately I`ve been carrying my Stiff Kiss for defensive duty and something a little more socially acceptable for general use. Either my Endura or Viele. I also might have a Micra on a thong around my neck.

Never a dull moment!
What? A Stiff KISS is less than socially acceptable? That secondary point is clearly there to protect the rest of the edge, when cutting steak next to a ceramic plate.