Follow up to "How Many Knives...."

Mar 19, 1999
Just reading some of the replys to "How Many Knives Do You Own?" So I just gotta ask, "How Many Knives Does Your Wife Think You Own?
I always tell her when I've got a new one, it's the actual decision to get another that I sort of, umm, play down a bit, y'know ?
But I never hide any, that would take away the ability to play with them openly, and besides, it wouldn't be very honest and that's one of the things our relationship is based on.
Just a few ya know!
2 or 3 or some other innocuous number.


The official story is six or seven.

Sidebar; Would it be wrong to mail an empty package to a friend because I made a trade for that last knife I recieved? I did trade cold hard cash for it.


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