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For Sale-Snakeskin SJTAC/BOSS STREET/STEELNUT nmfbm sheath

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Sep 1, 2003
I've got to let some safe queens go, so here they are. I have pics and I'm better at emailing pictures instead of posting on here. I'm not interested in any trades at this time and the first "I'll take it" here gets dibbs.

1. 2005 SJTAC- NEW, tan blade, snakeskin slabs, unused safe queen- $400

2. 2010 BOSS STREET- NEW, sterile black blade, black micarta slabs, unused safe queen- $230

3. STEELNUT Busse NMFBM sheath- USER, orange/black with leg strap and belt loop- $25

Cont. US only and all prices include USPS Priority/Insured/Sig. Conf. shipping to your door. I reserve the right to withdraw any knife depending on feedback or my judgement and you must be of legal age.

Thanks for looking, Jack
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back up for another look, FFBM still available

added Killa Zilla II
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Would you be able to email me the KZ2 pictures. I would take it pending picture, if you don't mind. Thank you.
"I'LL TAKE IT" 3. BM-E- blk coating, tan canvas slabs, w/des.tan Sem.Paratus sheath- $500
You got it RussMO! PM sent and also email. Let me know if you didn't get the email. It has my info for you.
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Sorry guys for the delay, but just got home from another 12 hour Hazwoper training day and one more final day tomorrow and then 2 days off. I'll get all you guys pics but it may be tomorrow when my wife is home at the same time to help me. Thanks for your patience, Jack
Ok guys I think I've sent everybody pics and replies. Red99cobra, if you post your email here, it makes it much faster for me to get you pics as I don't know how to add them into a forum based email. thanks guys, sorry for the delay but I get 2 very needed days off work, so let me know. I only have the one FFBM to unload and there are 4 or so interested and the first "I'll take it" here wins. Thanks fellas, Jack

edit to add: the FFBM does not have a polished spine or the penetrator tip, it is from the first round of FFBMs that were for sale at the Co. Store.
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