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For your viewing pleasure.......knife pics.......my latest aquisition.

Oct 4, 1998

The piece was made between 1558-1566.
Length: 11.5 inch
curve : 0.12inch
width : 1.07inch
Handle wrap : brown leather
scabboard: wood with sharkskin wrapping
tsuba: brass with silver inlay
Fuchigashira: iron with gold inlay
Handle of the small knife: iron with brass inlay


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Joe, that's a very nice piece. Looks in very good shape for it's time. Do you have any history on it.
Can you hear my heavy breathing in Hong Kong Joe? It is my dream to own a decent historical Japanese piece, but I know from what I've read that I don't know enough yet to make a purchase. I have a lot more studying to do (and money to make
). One of my dearest friends is living in Japan at the moment and has told me about seeing some nice swords for sale around Osaka where he lives and that he wants to buy one. I told him to wait until he could make a educated choice or take an expert that he trusts along with him. You are a very fortunate guy. How are things in Hong Kong since the "change"?

A nice piece indeed. I am interested in how you can date it so accurately. I was reading not too long ago (I think on Kurrasch's page) about how the kissen style of the tanto not really changing predictably with the era (he cited some examples, as the change was thought to be indicative of the period of manufacture).

Is there a mei? Thanks, Walt

Hong Kong is quite alright since the "change".
economy is not so good but as long as human right and political stability, it's better than what I thought. You are right, I am lucky to have bought this piece.... quite a bargain too....for this kind of blades!


I just know a little....still have too much to learn. This blade has a very clear hammon pattern that is almost the trade mark of the school of this smith. And it has a clear "mei" too.

Kanemichi has 3 different signitures all represent different period of his career. This particular "mei" is approximately "Kanemichi made" corresponse to the year between 1558-1566. And more important, the signiture is certified by the NBTHK which is very authoritive in antique swords... hehe.. so that you know, I am just learning.

This particular smith is not very famous in his works, but he has founded a school that pushed out many famous smith in that century.