Forge a while...then a "pick tomatoes" break...

Nov 29, 2000
<html><font face=arial color=black size=3><b>It's hot in south Texas right now, real hot... How hot is it? hot'ern a "by God" on the lips of a Baptist that's how hot. Honest, I forged a damascus billet yesterday and lost five pounds in the process. Soooooo, when it's time for a break I head for the "tomato'n basil patch... it's all I grow in my little garden. Add a little pasta, some olive oil and a good Chateauneuf du Pape and my danged ol arm don't ache so much...
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Ummmmm all that nice open space looks Beautiful !!!


Garden grown tomatoes Yum Yummm Ymmmmmm !!!!!! :D
I miss my tomato patch. Maybe next year...
I really miss pickled green tomatos in the fall...
The little things are often the best things ;)
So when you going to invite us all over for Dinner :D
I got my tomatoes started to late so they wont be on the vine for a couple of more weeks,The cucumbers are abot ready to start picking though.And my with has kidnapped my old Test Bowie (got to have some knife talk here) to cut her Mustard greens with and she is ready to pick some more of those today.I can't wait for a good mess of fried green tomatoes myself....Don't you just love Southern cooking!!!!!