Four (4) Inch Folding Blade Knives

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Oct 16, 1999
Hello group, I have a very controversial question for you, I shall attempt to word it as politically correct as possible.

I am a Newbie and wish to purchase a Utility blade type that is approx. four (4)inches long and a folding lock blade knife. What do you consider to be the select few highest performers on the market. For example Chris Reeves, EDI, Cold Steel etc... you get the idea.

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For a utility locking folder, I would highly recommend the Sebenza. It has, IMHO, the best locking mechanism in the market. A fixed blade knife would be the next level, I would think. The BG42 blade holds an edge very well. Try to handle the folders you are considering for purchase.
Hello, I recently bought a Gerber Covert. It is very well made and not too expensive (about $90 by the time it was shipped). The doen side could be tat it looks like a fighting knife. This might bother you. If you can find one a Benchmade 975 is great, but it has been discontinued so you will need to lok hard for one.It could be the best 4 inch knife I've ever used. Ot will cost you about $130 to $90 depending where yu shop. Benchmade also makes a lot of other knives that fit you criteria. Check them out, they are very nice. Cold Steel knives are a little hard to sharpen, but not too badly made. They aslo make some LARGE folders that no other manufacturer will make.


I have several CS Voyagers, and believe, for the money, they are a real bargain. Sure there are better knives out there, but for $30, I think they are the best. I carry a 4" Voyager every day, it's 5" OAL closed. I carry it in dress pants all the time. The 3" blade mode M, is under 4" closed. I prefer the clip blades.
One good thing, the lock is very strong! The knives are light and thin.
xxx - forgive me foe saying so - but do some homework.

people on this forun can answer qustions like these for days - but it looks like you haven't done any reading before posting your quesion.

I would think you need to narrow your question - limit the price or you'll get 450 sebenza's compared to 30 $ cold steels and 45$ spyderco's.

read sonme stuff off the net, read a few strings in the past and then you will know alot better what you want and need for your specific needs.

my 2 cents - get a spyderco endura and go playing with it. soon you will be hooked on knives...

forgive me if I sound too harsh
It would be hard to beat the Benchmade Axis 710. The Axis lock sets this one apart. Great knife and an excellent value at $100 on the net.

Roger Blake
It's been three months since this original topic was posted. I wonder if xxxx got the knife he/she was looking for? Three months would be a long time to go with no knife. Maybe xxxx could post what he/she picked up!

Oops, you're right. I guess he got his knife, but didn't become a BFC addict like the rest of us

I might be wrong, but THIS XXXX sounds like the same xxxx that trolled his/her way across rec.knives for a while, back aways.

Have a look at the profile. Tells you nothing other than the bloke/blokette is a TROLL.
Don't want to seem a troll? Well, make up an identity that WORKS.
Maybe we should have degrees of membership.........Nah...wouldn't work


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Yep Brian
Same guy.
him: "What the best knife?"

reply: there's no such thing. more info is needed.

him: Hey there's no need for the "attitide"

and it went on.........
Hmm... I love these "mystery" threads. It's interesting that xxxx's message was posted in November of '98, yet xxxx did not register as a member until October of '99, almost a full year later. Huh?

Edit P.S.- I did some searching and xxxx has a bizarre posting history. He posted almost exclusively in November of '98 and October and November of '99!
Here are some more examples of his trolling and

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Well this is going nowhere and I feel it is a weeeeeee bit old to rehash.

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