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Fred Perrin Christmas Gallery

Oct 16, 1998
Hello everybody.

All the knives in this gallery are personnal owned and used knives by Fred, myself and other street indians...

http://www.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/custom/PERRIN%20NOEL. htm

Also the pages are still in construction it's give an idea of Perrin craft.

Tell if you like it and if you want to know more.
(also you are not obliged to appreciate them... all comments welcomed !)


Hi Nemo,

I think his knives have caracter, although I like some of his knife better then others. It sure is nice to see a costum knifemaker turnig out Balisngs, it dificult to find a quality balisong in the shops. My favorites are his La Griffe knives though, I am thinking of buing one.
Nemo what is in you opinion the best way to buy one of his knives directly from him or are there also stores in Europe that carry an assortment of his knives, in Paris for instance?

Jan Dirk

I wholeheartedly support your intent to purchase a La Griffe.

I love mine and it has quickly become an inseparable companion.

I think it is nearly impossible to appreciate the effectiveness and feel of this knife from a picture. When it is in the hand, it is as solid as a rock.

Please let us know your impressions if you purchase one.



"Live Free, or Die"


You can buy in many shop in france but
the simpliest way is to contact Fred directly !