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Oct 13, 1998
Wanted to announce to everybody that Knife World Magazine is offering a FREE three month trial - no obligation to subscribe. One heck of a deal!

more details are on their page:

<a href="">Knife World Magazine</a>


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Is that the same Knife World Magazine that allegedly ran an editorial recently in which it criticized forums like this one, and the trend in self-defense knife use in general? I'm genuinely asking, because I didn't read the editorial in question. I merely recall that such a comment was made in the AKTI forum, specifically:

They feel AKTI hasn't done much and mainly
represents the interests/views of a few manufactures. They do say to join because its better
than nothing.

They also take a swipe at knife names that draw negative attention and magazines with names
like "TACTICAL KNIVES", etc.

AKTI #A000845
And tomorrow when you wake up it will be worse.
This 3 months free is a good deal. I just received the 3rd free month and will now subscribe. I haven't seen anything in any of these 3 free issues which gave me any problem. I suppose I might have missed something.

Knife World is almost a must subscribe for knife collectors the way I see it because there is a lot of good information in it. It probably wouldn't interest those whose aren't collectors though.
A 3 month of Knife World for free, thats a great deal. Everybody should do it.

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