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Free Randall Knife Society Newsletter

Aug 9, 2000
Any of you guys or gals that are not already members of the Randall Knife Society, if you will email me at rstidham@gate.net I will send you a complimentary copy of the RKS newsletter.

Yes, this is being done to solicit new members but nothing other than the newsletter will be sent to you. I copy your name and address by hand onto the newsletter and then delete your email. No record is kept of your address.

Since I am paranoid about getting on another mailing list myself, this is our policy.

If you want to know about the RKS go to www.randallknifesociety.com // Rhett Stidham

How about us in Europe? Will you send the letter/info in that letter to Europe?

Is there some new info about their knives in that newsletter than in Randalls brochure?

I'm mainly interested about new models, possible use of different stainless steels (rumor about ats-34?) than 440B, if stainless steel blades (if of different material than 440B) are still forged?