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FS: Kwaiken Tactical, S110V Manix 2, Benchmade Precinct Flipper, CRKT Vox Amicus

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Dec 24, 2000
Hey all-

Have these four up for sale:

1. SOLD Boker Kwaiken Tactical. 3.5" DLC VG-10 blade, black G-10 and IKBS. Inspected, but never carried or used. Flips great, locks up solid and blade is centered when closed. Mint in box with box. $105.00 shipped SOLD

2. Spyderco Manix 2. S110V blade and dark blue G-10. Skeletonized liners. Opened and inspected but never carried or used. Smooth, sharp and centered. Mint in box with box. $115.00 shipped

3. SOLD Benchmade 320 Precinct flipper. 3.3" 154CM blade, black G-10 handles. Bearing pivot. One of the best flipping actions I've ever used in that it doesn't require you to tear up your finger tip with a lot of pressure, it just takes a nudge of the lever and it flies open every time. Very well done, and a light carry with the deep clip; great back up knife. Super sharp factory edge, locks up tight, and is centered. Opened and inspected but never carried or used. Mint in box with box. $100.00 shipped SOLD

4. CRKT Vox-designed Amicus. Great design with some nice heft and seriously sturdy build quality 3.41" 8CR blade, plain edge. Make an excellent no-worries shop knife or EDC even. Sharp, solid and centered. New in box with box. $35.00 shipped.

Pics of each, below- more pics HERE

Prices include USPS Priority in the U.S. Willing to ship elsewhere at buyer's expense, but please note in the last few months USPS rates for international shipping have increased. I am always willing to ship to fellow knife nuts all over the world, but please do not get upset if the prices are not what you remember them being....even domestic shipping here in the US has risen significantly.

PayPal preferred but absolutely no "eChecks". Low ball offers will be politely ignored. Not interested in trades at this time.

Drop me a note if you're interested, e-mail always works best/fastest. (I don't camp on my FS posts to track who posted what and when.)






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I'll take the Kwaiken, question on getting the Benchmade 320 as well incoming
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