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FS - Light and Motion. Turns Night into Day!!! $100.00 shipped

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Feb 9, 2008
I have a Light and Motion Bike light. It can also be mounted to a helmet or the optional headband that can be purchased on the L&M website. It comes with a handlebar mount for a bike or fourwheeler or whatever you want to put it on. It has a long lasting battery that is rechargable and it comes with the wall charger. I am not sure what model this is, as I have gotten rid of the box. I have had it for 1 year and maybe used it 10 times. It is bright as hell!!!! It is like riding in daylight at night. Not sure of the lumens and I am no expert on lumens, but I would say its in the 200-400 lumen range? Not sure though? This model is not listed on their site anymore, as they have done a complete overhaul of the look of their products. I paid $350.00 new for this.

I have placed a Quarter next to the light and in the lens to show you the size comparison. Very nice and small light that puts out a hellva alot of light!!!

$200.00 shipped $100.00 shipped

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