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FSOT: Two Sun TS81 & Kizer Minitherium ALL SOLD

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Nov 14, 2014
Two Sun TS81 ***SOLD***- It's in good overall condition. D2 steel with titanium handles and bone inlays, runs on ceramic ball bearings. Original factory edge which is still decently sharp. Great action, not fall shutty but could be adjusted to be so, I just have it adjusted to my preferences. I have opened it up, cleaned it out, and added some KPL. Original owner sanded down the bone on the clip side a little bit so it wouldn't be so rough and tear up your pocket. Comes with original box. Asking $58.

***TRADED***Kizer Minitherium - In good overall condition, I'm the original owner. Has been carried and used but certainly not abused. Original factory edge that's still sharp. Good action on steel ball bearings. Comes with original box. Asking $165.***TRADED***

Prices includes USPS Priority shipping and all PayPal fees. I always appreciate being able to save on the fees but please pay whichever way you're most comfortable. As far as trades go I'm not looking for anything specific so offer up what you got! All offers will receive a prompt and polite response. First "I'll take it" in the comments followed by a prompt PM and payment gets them. if you have any questions feel free to PM here or email me huck@huckleberryreviews.com thanks!


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