G-10/Carbon Fiber

Jun 11, 1999
Two semi-related questions:
1) For durability and aesthetics, which handle material is best?

2) If someone wanted to have the factory handle replaced (Buck Intrepid) w/ either of the above, whom should one contact?

I personally do not like G-10, at least the handle I tried to make from it (forest green). Carbon fiber is very cool, but when it breaks it splinters and is nasty stuff. G-10 is probably more durable, although it's tough to say. CF is also expensive, partly due to the cost but moreso because it is dangerous to work with. I would contact Kit Carson, who designed the original. He may be able to do it or recommed someone who could.

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They're just really different. G-10 is best rough-finished because it doesn't take well to polishing (at least when compared to linen or paper micarta), but gets a great grippy surface when bead-blasted. I have no idea how CF bead-blasts but it looks awesome polished. CF seems more prone to cracking and definitely has nastier qualities to the broken edge, but it must be stronger pound-for-pound or they'd make aircraft wings out of G-10
. It's also darn expensive, 5-10x the cost of G-10 in the same thickness from suppliers I know. G-10 is hazardous to work with because of the glass fiber, CF is even worse because of the carbon slivers.

I think both are pretty cool, but G-10 is definitely the functional choice for its grip and cost-effectiveness, while slippery, expensive CF is a very classy choice for a really special knife. I think for the CF thickness you'd need on the Intrepid it might cost more than the knife did originally. Money probably better put towards getting your own design made in a better steel and a less expensive handle material. Just my $0.02.

-Drew Gleason
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