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Game Wardens in Hand

Sep 2, 2006
And...my own shipment of Wardens also just arrived. In perfect condition!:D

Pics will certainly follow, just wanted to mention this:

--These little knives fit my medium-sized hands perfectly. The Orange Wardens, in particular, have grips that seem to fill my palm perfectly.

First time I've had THAT experience. Is this peculiar to me, or do the grips on the Wardens get the same response from others? At least, those without large hands.
Got my shipment also. A Yellow, a Tiger, and a Black Tie. So far the Black Tie is my favorite, I'm liking the G10, and the .140 satin blade. But of course the Tiger is pretty sweet also. :thumbup: Now I need some cool sheaths.
I also just got my green handled fish scale warden and love it!! Not to nitpick but could be lighter if handles were tapered towards the butt end(is that distal ?)and might look nicer. Hope I don't raise the ire of Busse fans.;)
Is there anywhere to look to find the various weights of the Wardens (or all Busse knives for that matter)? I'm assuming the skeletons would be lightest, followed by the G-10 handles, then micarta.
Congrats on an awsone score. :thumbup:
Now where the heck are the pics.

That's good to hear, Jamie!!! :thumbup:

It also means that a Muddie Warden will be heading this way in the near future...