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GEC 66 users SOLD

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Aug 21, 2018
8386EB03-C81A-4222-A7EB-911C10A0067F.jpeg 525E9C34-C91C-4804-A63C-602CC38DA5AC.jpeg 2183F32D-A40E-4D2C-8BCD-442598038055.jpeg AEA3CDE3-D891-40C2-9AE9-A779C7C649E9.jpeg 8F5F3A65-CE79-4D02-B4CE-3CD19AE3AC90.jpeg D6C9EFEF-6313-47EF-99F4-D695B632985F.jpeg CA883EDB-A9EF-495D-938D-3C21ED33C8B5.jpeg 818310FE-B3CD-4B3D-ACA6-598166BD8D3C.jpeg 88716836-A4B4-46D1-A974-26C89BD31AFD.jpeg 6E329300-6D64-4C9E-996F-632C3CAA19B8.jpeg
I have for sale today two 66s
First one being a bullwinkle 661212 this one has a nice patina on it and the etches are still visible but dark. This is a nice user bullwinkle. Asking SPF
Next up is a 66 jack 661214 this one has surely been used. Has some pitting and scratches. It has deffinetly been used. Asking SPF
Friends and family and USA shipping only. Thank you
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Sent pm:thumbsup: I'll take two blade Jack, just interested in thickness pic's of the Stag:thumbsup:

Thinking my friend from New Zedland has sights on the Bullwinkle;)
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It could be an existing fissure crack in the Stag rather pin fracture.Seen that before now.