If you had the choice to pick between the SOG-TomCat Folder or the Gerber Applegate, (they are both in the same price range.) Which one would you chose and why?


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Dec 25, 1998
I would choose.....neither. The Spyderco Wegner would be my choice. Excellent outdoor, do-it all, knife. If limited to the two you mention I wouldnt choose the Gerber Applegate. I feel that the blade shape doesn't fair well for general utilty use.

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An endura would be a great choice as well, if the Wegner is a little steep for ya...

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Wegner all the way!!!! Might actually be cheaper than other two - much better design for outdoor/utility use.

Nothing like unsolicited testamonials. What is it with the Spyderco Wenger, anyway? :)

I've got a Gerber A-F Covert, and it's a great pocketknife. I don't have any experience with the Tomcat, but I suspect it may have a more utilitarian blade shape and I understand it's hell-for-stout, so go for the Tomcat.
Backup21, a Wegner would be a great choice. A Starmate or Military would be good too, although not quite as versatile for general camping as the Wegner. IMO avoid the Covert, I had one, didn't care much for it and gave it away to a guy I work with. Some people really like the Covert, but I wasn't impressed. Hope this helps.

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I agree with the Wegner.If you had one in your hands you would see what I mean.
Those other 2 knives are o-kay but you can do so much better.I don't think the Tomcat is a one hander and if you don't need a thumb stud or hole why not a plain old Buck 110.The Tomcat doesn't have a clip either-for a similar price you can get a GT button lock and take off the poorly positioned clip.
Gerber AF? Blechhh!

SOG Tomcat. The one I saw had a blade that was too thick at the edge to be a decent utility type knife.
I agree with the Wegner.

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If the Wegner's to pricey take a look at a Spyderco "Goddard" lightweight. It's been my canoe knife for a couple of years now.

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I may be wrong but it seems to me that BACKUP21 is looking for a knife with thicker handle. For me only oudoor/camping knives are fixed bladed kinves and I have hard time to understand why anybody should conceal knife in woods.

Back to point if you want a knife that feels good in your hand buy Gerber Gator with ats-34 edge. Its handle is almost as good as in poor fixed blades. I wouldn't take any of my folders to woods but IF I had to, I mean all my fixed blades were stolen or something, Gator, Axis or Wenger would be highest in my list. Gator has the best handle but worst lock. Probably lock isn't the issue as people have courage to use slipjoints as well. Buying Gator you would save quite a lot of money too.
I may be way off base here, but if you're looking for a "general use" pocket knife you might consider one of the SAK's. Size & tools depending on your needs.
Gotta agree with everyone else about the Wegner. It's a winner. But if you want to go the "cheap" route, how about an Opinel? And yes, forget the SOG and Gerber. No way could these be considered camping/utility knives.


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Did somebody already mention the Wegner?

I too like the Gator, and have carried it on my backpack for years. I guess it's because of the price-I don't mind using and abusing the Gator. And it keeps coming back! It will probably be replaced next week by the Wegner when it arrives.
The Spyderco Starmate would likely be my choice and a one folding knife do it all.

The blade is quite heavy and the handle long enough to actually do some light chopping.

Another Wegner rant, cause I've had one FOREVER!

First, the SOG and the AF are combat folders, neither of which is regarded as exceptional even for their designed purpose. They may be good on price, but you're getting what you pay for.

The Wegner is designed for utility and hunting - and is pretty much the *perfect* folder for these purposes. On top of that, it's constructed with some of the finest, tightest quality you'll ever be able to purchase in ANY manufactured product.

Seriously - How many used Wegners have you ever seen for sale?
For a good cheap knife, I'm in the neither category. BM Eclipse, or CS Voyager are the only cheap folders for me. They've both earned my respect.
Since I'm now a Sebenzanista, I must tell you to forget everything else and get a Sebenza

But really I'm here with Tommi. Why do you need a skinny folder for camping? What other knives are you planning on taking? When I'm camping I'm sure to have good puukko or leuku with me - a fixed blade with a good handle (ok, so I will have some folders also, but not just). The knife doesn't have to be in your pocket when camping or trekking. I'm really serious, take a look at some fixed blade knifes. Unless of course you're asking in addition to those Randalls and CRK One Pieces...

I love the way we can change the topic from the original and get away with it (oops! hope there isn't a moderator lurking around here).

Ok. For a fixed CAMPING blade, the solution is obvious. A Grohmann CAMPER.

BTW, Grohmann makes folders as well and one of these might be a great camper (hey, I'm almost on topic).


No, I do not weep at the world--I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife.
Zora Neale Hurston

Oversharpen the blade, and the edge will soon blunt.
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Well, perhaps "camping knife" is about as generic a term as "survival knife." If your definition is using it for chopping firewood and making clearings, then that screams fixed blade.
But I like to have a smaller knife that I use to prepare food and whittle branches, and for precision tasks, nothing beats a small blade you can really choke up on.

Anyway, most people in this forum carry a minimum of three knives on an everyday basis. So I would guess the point is moot, since anyone here who goes camping would probably have at least 10 knives to play with!