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Gensis 2 and REKAT Pioneer 2


Apr 28, 1999
Which one would be better for a utility role? I'm thinking of buying one or the other, and I don't have $$ for both
Please post any info that would help me in my decision. Thanks!
Hey Taz,

I think a Pioneer would probably serve you best.I am looking forward to receiving my Pioneer 1 that I just bought from another member here.I have never handled a Genesis,but have heard many good things about Rekat knives.Things like "the Pioneer is built like a tank",that speaks for itself.I have also heard some good things about EDI too,but I just think it will be hard to beat the Rolling-Lock.Thats my opinion anyways,hope this helps with your decision!

See Ya!

What do you mean by utility?

Ultimate lock strength? Go for a REKAT.
Quite possibly the strongest folding knife lock.

Looking for Exceptional Cutting ability and ease of carrying? Go with the Genesis.

The Genesis has a .115" blade and it is flat ground very thin. It even out-cuts the recurve BM AXIS blade because it is .010 thinner at the sharpening bevel.

EDI is using a sophisticated heat treat as well as a deep cryo temper to enhance the toughness of ATS34 at such a thin edge.

Will Fennell of EDI reports they havent had any sent back for chipping or other problems that could occur with a thin blade.

Personally, I would like a Genesis with a Rolling Lock. Will, Bob are you two listening?


Anthony P. Lombardo
-will destroy knives for