Gerber Blanace Plus kitchen knives?


Nov 8, 1998
Any comments/info from those who have used them? Are they decent inexpensive kitchen knives? They're advertised as high carbon SS, but how much carbon & do they hold a decent edge
. Dishwasher OK?

I've had a 4" paring knife and a 6" chef for 10+ years. They are pretty reasonable knives. Although I've nver put mine through the diswasher, I'm sure their construction could take it. They seem to hold an edge better than knives like some 20 + yr old Chicago Cutlery knives I have, but not as well as Wustof Trident knives I've taken to using in the kitchen. The finish on the aluminum handles has chipped on the oldest knife, probably from contact with the steel I use to keep the edges in shape between sharpentings.
Alex, thanks for the info.
Are your Gerber knives the Balance Plus line?
The ones I saw advertised had some type of synthetic handles, as the major knife brands seem to have from 1 to 5 different lines - quality & price wise.

I have the 4 in parer and the 8 in carver/slicer. I love 'em, my wife loves 'em. I'm going to order more of 'em and give them for Xmas gifts too.

Thanks for the info folks, appreciated.

I went ahead and ordered the 5.5" utility & the 8" cook's knife. They're on sale at Somkey Mountain Knife Works for $7.99 & $14.99 respectively if anyone else wants to order (I believe these are the prices, I don't have the flyer with me).
If you want the Balance Plus kitchen knives, get them while you can. They're discontinued. That's why Smokey Mountain is blowing them out the door. I have a few lying about which may get converted to personal use, but I managed to get rid of most of my stock after I talked to the people at Fiskars a year ago and found that the line had been separated from the Gerber Blades division and put under Housewares, under the direction of a person who knew nothing about knives and told me she'd be afraid to have a knife in her kitchen that was "too sharp."

It's too bad. As a non-ugly nicely packaged product with decent steel (440A, a step above "mystery steel"), I thought they were a much better deal than Henckels at their price. I'll miss them.

BTW, the handles on recent production are good honest black plastic (or "composition") all the way through, instead of a paint-like coating on aluminum that can chip off.

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James, thanks for the info, appreciated.

I think the 440A should be good enough for the limited use, kitchem impaired use they'll be put to
. Do you think the handles will hold up to going through the dishwasher?
Hi Jon,

I love my set of Balance Plus. I have the Full block. They are great knives and have never given me any problems. They should hold up just fine in the dishwasher.


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