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Gerber Bowie, worth buying?


Apr 14, 1999
I can pick a new one up at a real good deal.
Does anyone own one? Or should I keep saving
for a Busse or Randall? Any insight would be
I have one, as well as a Carbon V CS Trailmaster. I would say that it is probably a better cutter than the CS (I expet to catch Hell for this!). But my recommendation is to save your money up and buy either a Randall of your choice or you might wish to look at the Ontario Bagwell Bowies that are just out. The price seems very good and there have been nothing but raves about them. Bill Bagwell's custom Hells Belles have a very excellent reputation. I must say that they really look beautiful in a lethal way. By this, I mean like a Smith & Wesson Model 29, deep blued with walnut grips or like any other finely made and finished weapon. Much as I love my Glock, I do NOT think of it as beautiful. Efficient, certainly, but not beautiful.

Walk in the Light,

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Thanks for the tip about the Bagwell Bowies.
Do you think the Gerber is worth $80 NIB.
Are you sure about what you want? You're talking about completely different bowies here. The Bagwell is a fighter, the Gerber (and the Busse) a hard-use utility bowie. I don't look at the two as interchangeable. Are you just looking for *any* big knife, or do you have something specific in mind?

I'm pretty sure about what I want. I mentioned Gerber, Busse and Randall. As for the Ontario Bagwell, it very well may be a "fighter", I've never seen one. I was just wondering what some owners thoughts were on the Gerber Bowie. I wasn't even talking about the Bagwells but a new lead is always appreciated. Thanks for your time FullerH.
Okay. In that case, I concur with FullerH, save your pennies for the Busse or Randall. I haven't handled the Bagwell yet, but if you're looking for a fighting bowie instead, I've heard encouraging things about it so far. Dang I gotta handle one of those things!

I had a Gerber and loved it, unfortunately I kept it behind the seat of my truck in an emergency kit, and , of course, had my truck broken into and the knife stolen. The worst part is that they attempted to use the knife to cut the stereo out of the dash. For 80.00 you can't go wrong. I do own a CS Trailmaster, as well as a number of other working Bowies, but I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another.

i have the gerber bowie the CS trail master and the new ontario bagwell bowie[and a real bagwell as well].
as for a heavy duty working knife i would take the trail master, the gerber does not hold a edge very well and it is a @#%*@ to sharpen, the bagwell bowie is indeed a terrific fighter but it is so well constructed that i will not hessitate to use it as a worker it will stand to it well.
my choise then will go in that order..ontario bagwell then the trail master and third the gerber. however for $80 it is worth the price .
If you like the size and blade shape of the Bagwell Bowies, but don't care about the fighting balance, finish, or custom heritage, there is a Spec Plus version. The Knives-Plus catalog (1-800-687-6202) I just received lists this knife at $41.97! It has an 11 7/8" blade, presumably 1095, and they don't say whether it's as thick stock as the Bagwells or not. The handle is the standard double-guard handle used on most single-edge Spec Plus knives. I'm not saying it compares to the Bagwells, but for utility, that's a lot of decent blade for the buck!

Hurrah for Ontario's Spec Plus line! Giving the good people of the world an alternative to CS.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Pass on the Gerber.
Wait for the good stuff, you won't regret it.

Having had various BAD experiences with Gerber, I never recommend them.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

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