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Gerber covert folder vs. SOG pentagon

Feb 16, 2001
Here we take a look at two rather similar knives. Both folding (fighter) style knives, with similar design, shape, balance, length and purpose.

Both knives are 8.5 total length, and both about 5 inches closed.

Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn Covert Folder. I have been rather impressed with the fit/finish of this knife. I am also impressed with the balance, being just slightly handle heavy at the pommel. The blade is too tight out of the box for easy thumb flip deployment. And loosening the pivot will only let the blade rub on the inside of the handle when the knife is closed. With the addition of a wrist flick, deployment becomes easier. The Lake and Walker safety device is a nice addition. It makes the knife feel very solid, and takes away any worry of accidental lock failure under hard use. Steel is ATS-34, handle material is a glass impregnated resin of some sort. Overall rating of this knife as a personal defence knife is an 8.5 or so out of ten. A smoother action and easier deployment would have earned it a higher rating. I dont think there are any teflon bearings in the pivot of this knife, that may be the problem.

Sog Pentagon gets a slightly lower rating. Fit and finish is not as nice. Steel is 440, probably 440A. Handle is Zytel and lacks any type of liner. The only metal in the handle is the metal for the liner lock. The pressure of the liner lock makes the zytel handle scale bow outward on that side of the knife.
Liner lock failure on the Sog doesnt take much. Smacking the spine of the knife with the palm of your hand will make the lock fail. The clip is placed a bit lower on the handle of the knife making it ride a bit higher in the pocket than the AF. Overall rating of this knife as a personal defence knife would be a 5 or maybe a 6.

If you have any additional questions on these two knives, please e-mail me

I wonder if if new SOG with the ARC lock would have been more impressive in your test esp.in relation to lock strength-spine whack test.


I am thinking the same thing. I wouldnt doubt it if that were the reason that they switched to the arc lock. I have heard very good things about the Arc, the Axis and similar locking mechanisms. With the addition of the arc lock and hopefully some steel liners underneath the zytel scales, I believe it would be a very nice knife, as it has a nice blade and handle design and overall is a very handsome knife.

BTW I took my Pentagon back to the store on Monday and returned it. I had become more and more concerned with how easily the liner lock failed. I traded it for a full size CRKT M-16 aluminum to compliment my medium M-16. Now there is a great knife at a great price. But that is another story for another time.